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Everything as a Service (XaaS) and Carrier Cloud Services: Market Opportunities and Forecasts 2014 - 2019

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Management Report
Published: October 2014
Pages: 219
Research from: Mind Commerce
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

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The “Everything as a Service” (XaaS) phenomenon is not a passing fad. For the enterprise, the Cloud has moved beyond the stage of representing only a choice for off-site computing. For the consumer, the Cloud has also moved beyond the stage of representing only a means of data back-up.  The Cloud is rapidly moving into its next phase of supporting virtually any form of communications, application, content and commerce.

Network operators, particularly wireless carriers, are arguably in the best position to capitalize on the trend towards anywhere, anytime, any device, and any type of digital media. This research has identified the following drivers for carrier cloud services:

•Consumer Cloud Services Key to Growth in Carrier Data Services: Consumer Cloud Services will add to the growth in usage of wireless data services as end-users engage in increasingly more communications, applications, content and commerce in the Cloud. This will drive data subscriptions across many new segments of the carriers' customer base and also lead to premium pricing for Value-added Service (VAS) applications.
•Carrier Cloud Services to Drive Value-added Services Growth: Consumer Cloud Services will enable the carriers to offer Value-added Service (VAS) applications. These are applications that involve communications, applications, content and commerce that may be priced at a premium. This will lead to improved profitability, customer stickiness, and the ability for carriers to cross-sell between various data plans and VAS applications
•Personal Cloud Services to Improve Carrier Top Line Revenue and Profits: Consumer Cloud Services represents a new service that will add to the carrier revenues, offsetting loss in revenue due to OTT competitors and overall net positive. Due to the relatively low cost to deploy and support Cloud Services, margins are very good, leading to extractive profit margins on Cloud-based VAS applications.
This research evaluates XaaS at the network and service level and assesses wireless carrier opportunities for delivery of various cloud-based services. The report analyzes market opportunities for infrastructure suppliers and supporting service providers. The report includes forecasting through 2019 for cloud services. All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you're addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

Target Audience:

•Telecom service providers
•API management companies
•Cloud and virtualization vendors
•Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
•Telecom managed service providers
•Wireless/mobile infrastructure providers
•Cloud infrastructure and service providers
•Mobile payments and e-commerce providers
•Application developers and app store providers

Report Benefits:

•Forecast for cloud services 2014 – 2019
•Understand XaaS and related infrastructure
•Identify opportunities and threats for carriers
•Identify opportunities for suppliers to carriers
•Understand the issues for SME cloud adoption
•Identify carrier cloud solutions and service packages
•Understand the infrastructure challenges for operations
•Identify leading companies and solutions for cloud services

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