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360 View: CE Adoption and Trends

cover of 360 View: CE Adoption and Trends

Market Study
Published: October 2014
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Research from: Parks Associates
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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This 360 View tracks adoption of CE devices and analyzes purchasing patterns, sources of shopping information, and demographic and lifestyle data. It explores the adoption, usage, and preferences of connected CE devices as well as media and content viewed by device. It covers more than 20 different entertainment and computing devices.

This project tracks key adoption and usage trends for CE devices as well as the emergence and potential of new products. It quantifies the features and functionality that today’s consumers are seeking in CE.

- Adoption of entertainment and computing CE devices, including new, supplemental, and replacement purchases
- Assessment of the purchase process, including information sources, influencers, shopping channels, and prices paid for devices
- 2013 purchases and five-year purchase trends by brand
- Motivations and decision processes for purchase, including gifting vs. personal purchases, ownership of complementary products
- Purchased product specifications such as TV screen size, connectivity, and content availability
- Usage of connected devices for media and content streaming
- Profiles of consumers based on products purchased, shopping patterns, spending on CE products, etc.
- Demand and preferences for CE device purchases in 2014

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