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Revenue management systems: worldwide market shares 2013

cover of Revenue management systems: worldwide market shares 2013

Market Study
Published: July 2014
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Research from: Analysys Mason
Sector: Mobile

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Revenue management systems are at the core of all telecoms service offerings, providing the charging functions for communications service providers' (CSPs') services.
Market share
The revenue management market grew by 2.1% in 2013, in line with our forecast for the year. The surge in investments for mobile data services and convergent platforms drove the market. This report helps market players to understand the dynamics of this evolving market by tracking more than 70 vendors each year to identify changes and trends.

This report:
provides detailed market share data for three sub-segments of the revenue management systems market:
billing (prepaid, postpaid and convergent)
partner and interconnect
includes an overview of key trends in the revenue management market in 2013 and an analysis of the business environment
provides recommendations for CSPs and suppliers
identifies the leading vendors in each segment, and provides a detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, products and services, and strategic direction
includes details of mergers and acquisitions in the revenue management market.

CSG International
Huawei Technologies
Orga Systems
Syniverse Technologies

The business environment in 2013

Convergent platforms are becoming the standard
- Most billing and mediation platforms being deployed now are convergent or can support convergent use cases. This has become a mandatory criteria for all new revenue management deployments.
- In many cases, the initial deployments of convergent platforms are for ‘non-convergent’ use cases, and their full potential will not be realised for several years.

Multi-play and family bundles are driving loyalty
- As the cost of customer acquisition increases, Tier 1 and some Tier 2 CSPs are investing in offering sharing plans and multi-play bundles to reduce customer churn.

Mobile data continues to be a catalyst for system upgrades
- Demand for adjunct systems to support data services is growing in emerging economies in APAC and LATAM.
- The combination of PCRF and charging systems has enabled CSPs to launch new services such as data boosts and tiered pricing to better monetise data traffic.
- As LTE coverage increases, it will drive system upgrades and roaming partner agreements as established partnerships are rearranged because of incompatibility with old networks.

Macroeconomic conditions
- Mobile broadband requirements drove an increase in spending in NA, while growth in APAC and LATAM slowed even as subscriber numbers continued to increase. CSP spending remains cautious in Western Europe.
- Underlying market conditions in developed markets, where subscriber numbers are no longer growing and are even declining in some cases, also dampened spending.
- Political uncertainty in the Middle East and Europe inhibited consumer spending in EMEA.

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