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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Market by Technology Types Global Forecast and Analysis to 2013 - 2018

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Management Report
Published: March 2014
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Research from: marketsandmarkets
Sector: Media & Entertainment

The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is experiencing heavy penetration in the training and infotainment market. The major reason behind heavy penetration is the wide spectrum of application areas for these technologies. Early in 1960’s virtual reality based machines started to be patented and were considered as the beginning of VR. It is the three dimensional interactive world produced by a computer. The term “augmented reality” was introduced as a variation of VR; it is a form of technology used to enhance real time object by imposing virtual image over it. AR application was first used for the development of virtual advertisement on television then it expanded its applications in gaming and entertainment.

Augmented reality is still under progressive stage and focuses on wearable technology like goggles, contact lens and so on which will be commonly used in future. Many research and development are taking place in application areas like healthcare, education, military, enterprise, and so on. The increase of demand in VR application in healthcare industry shows a tremendous growth and it act as a major driver for the market. The market growth has resulted in exponential increase in the number of companies operating in the AR/VR domain. The companies which provide virtual reality and augmented reality tools to the developers are reinforcing their position due to the increase in the competition.

The total market is also segmented according to various technologies, components, application and, geography. The report includes quantitative data analysis for various technologies used in VR and AR. The types of VR used are immersive VR, non immersive VR, projected VR and CAVE (Chicago automatic virtual environment). The technology used in augmented reality are marker based AR and mark-less based AR. The components used in VR system are tracker, sensor, auditory interface, haptic interface, and 2D & 3D simulation software. Tracking system, sensor and a display are the components used in AR system. The virtual reality and augmented reality offers good opportunities in application areas like healthcare, education, military, enterprise and so on. The report includes segmentation and analysis of the market by types, components and, application which gives an in-depth understanding of emerging AR and VR market.

In addition to quantitative analysis, the report also includes: value chain analysis, porter five force analysis of augmented & virtual reality market, and price trend analysis. Market leaders such as: Total Immersion(France) , Eon Reality Inc. (U.S.), Qualcomm Inc(U.S.) , Metaio GmbH (Germany), Virtalis Ltd. (U.K.) and, Layar (The Netherlands) are few of the companies profiled in the report. Company profiles chapter analyze a company's strategy to grow in the market, new products launches taking place, acquisition & merger news, and partnerships and contracts signed from 2008 onwards

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