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Structure of UK healthcare services

Structure of UK healthcare services

Market Study
Published: January 2012
Pages: 22
Research from: Kable
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

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Product Synopsis
This report summaries the structure of the UK's healthcare services. its current state, its drivers and its evolution. This overview of the market is intended for those considering this market for the first time and those who have experience of this sector.

Introduction and Landscape
This report provides a detailed overview of the structure of the UK healthcare services ICT market. It provides both tactical and strategic users insights into the usage of ICT across the UK health services.

Key Features and Benefits
Structure of the UK healthcare services: including overview of reforms, local organizations, primary and secondary care commissioning groups.

Key Market Issues
- Gain insight into structural reforms within the UK healthcare service.
- Gain knowledge about each nations planned spending over the next three years.

Key Highlights
The UK's four governments, each of which runs its own independent healthcare system, expect to spend £121.6bn on health in 2011-12, rising 7.6% in cash terms over the next three years to £130.8bn in 2014-15.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not undertaking reorganisations of their health services and are planning smaller spending increases than England.

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