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ICT Priorities in Spain - Enterprise ICT investment plans to 2013

ICT Priorities in Spain - Enterprise ICT investment plans to 2013

Management Report
Published: June 2013
Pages: 31
Research from: Kable
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

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Product Synopsis
This report presents the findings from a survey of 163+ Spanish enterprises regarding their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investment priorities. The survey investigates the core technologies which Spanish enterprises are investing in, including the likes of enterprise applications, security, mobility, communications and collaboration, and Cloud Computing.

Introduction and Landscape
Why was the report written?
In order to provide deeper insights into Spanish enterprises' ICT investment priorities and strategic objectives.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
With the economy not showing any signs of recovery in the near future, most enterprises in Spain are holding back their ICT investments in 2013.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
While Spanish enterprises are looking at investments in IT systems management to counter the increasing complexity of their ICT infrastructure, the need to enhance business performance to new levels and improve processes is expected to shape the demand for technologies such as communications and collaboration, mobility, and BI solutions.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
Kable Global ICT Intelligence has invested significant resources in order to interview CIOs and IT managers about their IT investment priorities. Very few IT analyst houses will have interviewed 163+ ICT decision makers in the Spanish market in H2 2012.

Key Features and Benefits
Recognize Spanish enterprises' strategic objectives with regards to their ICT investments.

Identify Spanish enterprises' investment priorities based on their budget allocations across core technology categories such as enterprise applications, security, mobility, communications and collaboration, and cloud computing, etc.

Learn about the drivers that are influencing Spanish enterprises' investments in each technology category.

Establish how Spanish enterprises' IT budgets are currently allocated across various segments within a technology category.

Gain insight into how Spanish enterprises plan to change their IT budget allocations across various segments within a technology category.

Key Market Issues
Few of Spanish enterprises expect their IT spending to either remain flat in 2013, indicating that the ongoing economic crisis in Spain is forcing enterprises to hold back their ICT investments.

New business models involving the proliferation of mobile devices and the increased adoption of cloud applications are driving the demand for security solutions.

The use of CRM solutions is on the rise in enterprises across all industry verticals in Spain, with X% of respondents having already made investments in this technology and X% planning investments in the next two years.

The need to manage and archive ever-increasing volumes of corporate data in a consistent and compliant manner is driving the demand for enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

Virtualization is one of most popular green IT solutions amongst Spanish enterprises, as it allows businesses to reduce the capital cost of future purchases, and the operational costs of energy, maintenance, and management.

Key Highlights
Spanish CIOs and IT managers are focusing much of their efforts towards improving security and enhancing collaboration across their IT infrastructure and departments, with respondents rating them X and X on a scale of 1 to 4.

Spanish enterprises are encouraging the adoption of mobility as it enables real-time communications, improves accessibility to enterprise data, and enhances employee productivity.

According to Kable's survey, 52% of enterprises in Spain are currently using business intelligence tools, and an impressive 56% are planning further investments in the next two years.

Storage management technology is the most popular IT Management solution amongst Spanish enterprises with a penetration rate of 85%, followed by database management, systems and network management, and service management.

Cloud computing is growing in acceptance amongst Spanish enterprises and software as a service (SaaS) is the most popular cloud technology, with 47% of respondents investing in this category.

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