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From Digital Content to M-Wallets: M-Payment Strategies for Operators

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Market Study
Published: July 2013
Pages: 111
Research from: Pyramid Research
Sector: Mobile

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Mobile money services for the unbanked, popular in emerging markets, are showing both much faster adoption than m-wallets and related services addressing those with a bank account and a steeper revenue curve. Mobile payments are becoming increasingly integrated into a broader range of mobile services. Furthermore, services such as marketing, advertising, loyalty cards, coupons and discounts are also becoming part of the broader ‘mobile wallet’. Operators in developed markets need to make a long-term commitment to the mobile payment opportunity and have access to large financial reserves to be able to reap long-term benefits. While adoption of NFC-capable mobile devices and readers is finally showing real growth, we believe that mobile operators still face major challenges in mobile contactless payments.

In From Digital Content to M-Wallets: M-Payment Strategies for Operators, we critically assess mobile operators’ involvement in the m-payment value chain and the opportunity that this ecosystem presents for them. The analysis has been structured around 10 operator case studies, each outlining the elements of success or failure of particular mobile payment strategies implemented by service providers in markets worldwide. In addition to examining the m-payment business models adopted by service providers in different geographies, we provide an overview of cutting-edge m-payment services launched by financial institutions, Google and other entities, and assess their effect on the position of service providers in the m-payment value chain.

Key findings include:

  • Mobile operators and financial institutions are finding some success in driving financial service adoption.
  • Digital content services remain an attractive opportunity for mobile operators in many markets.
  • Operators can be successful in mobile online commerce if they are able to aggregate merchants.

Key questions answered include:

  • What is the revenue opportunity of m-payment services for mobile operators? How is this expected to change in the medium to long run?
  • What are mobile operators’ key m-payment strategies, and how do they differ in emerging and developed markets?
  • What effect will m-payment services have on mobile subscriber churn rates?

Download Report Excerpt for a complete list of Key Questions.

Target audience

  • Mobile network operators
  • OTT service providers
  • Banks and other financial services providers
  • Trusted service manager companies
  • Mobile device manufacturers
  • Retailers

Companies mentioned in this report include:


NTT Docomo

SK Telecom
T-Mobile Poland


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