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World Superphone Market 2013-2018

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Management Report
Published: April 2013
Pages: 157
Research from: Visiongain
Sector: Handsets & Devices

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'Phablets' Bridging the Gap Between Smartphones & Tablets

Gone are the days when mobile handset manufacturers would compete over who could make the most compact device. Screen size has become the most compelling real-estate in mobile device marketing and manufacturers are capitalising on falling display panel costs to deliver larger, sharper images on mobile phones. As such visiongain has determined that superphones will represent global revenue of $46 billion in 2013.

In the same way that Apple's iPhone jump-started the smartphone movement, Samsung's Galaxy Note has informed new consumer desires. Newly christened "superphones" are defined as high-performance smartphones with displays above 4.6". Broad consumer adoption of this freshly popularised technology has allowed electronics multinationals to exploit their backgrounds in display and optics to bring mobile phones into a full-HD, premium user experience.

The tablet market has revealed itself to be a highly lucrative market in an explosive growth phase. With most tier one OEMs marketing a larger smart device as their flagship product, operators can expect current network capacity to fall under strain in peak usage areas. They will look to LTE as a means to cope with an ongoing capacity crunch exacerbated by data-rich devices such as superphones.

Visiongain expects superphones to constitute a significant portion of global smartphone shipments by 2018. They will become cornerstones around which the next-generation product lines of leading OEMs will be built.

What makes this report unique?

An array of primary and secondary sources has informed the findings of our report. These findings have been placed in global, regional, and national market context, highlighting market trends and strategic opportunities in each. The report identifies and examines key players in a market poised for substantial growth. Our forecasts are informed by the performance of parallel markets and leading vendors, including an exclusive interview with LG, a multinational electronics manufacturer. All these findings are presented in a thorough, straightforward manner.

Why you should buy World Superphone Market 2013-2018: 'Phablets' Bridging the Gap Between Smartphones & Tablets

• 157 pages of comprehensive analysis
• 156 tables, charts, and figures
• Exclusive interview with Gong Yong Mun, Senior Manager of the Business Strategy Team at LG Electronics Mobile Communications
• Global superphones shipment and revenue forecasts between 2013-2018
• Global superphones revenue forecasts by screen size between 2013-2018
- 4.6" - 4.9"
- 5" - 5.5"
- 5.6" - 6"
- 6.1" - 6.5"
• Forecasts of superphones shipments and revenue in 5 regional markets from 2013-2018
- North America
- Asia-Pacific
- Europe
- Latin America
- The Middle East and North Africa
• Forecasts of superphones shipments and revenue in 5 important national markets from 2013-2018, as well as analysis of adoption trends in each
- The US
- Canada
- China
- Japan
- Korea
• A SWOT analysis of the superphones market 2013-2018
• Market share forecasts, shipments forecasts and revenue forecasts from 2013-2018 for 6 leading superphones companies analysing their products and corporate strategies -
- Samsung
- LG
- Sony
- Huawei
- Apple
• Study of drivers and restraints to superphone adoption on both a national and regional level.
• Discussion of the leading mobile technologies and prospects for their respective future applications in superphones
• Identification of the trends, companies, nations, and cultural factors that will influence future superphone adoption and the direction of players involved in this market.

Companies Listed

ARM Holdings
Beats Audio
China Times
Korea Telecom
Sony Mobile Communications

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