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Global Digital and Pay TV – 12th edition

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Management Report
Published: May 2013
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Research from: Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media)
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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The 12th edition of the best-selling Global Digital & Pay TV report comes with major improvements in format and country coverage.

The report provides you with country profiles and forecasts to guide you through the key issues surrounding cable, satellite, terrestrial TV and IPTV, highlighting potential growth areas and pinpointing new opportunities.

This new research provides detailed insight into how the digital and pay-TV business is evolving worldwide. It examines new initiatives coming into the market to enhance the established business models – and how these are applied to reflect the different needs between more mature Western countries and blossoming emerging territories elsewhere.

Adam Thomas, Media Research Manager, Informa Telecoms & Media

    Digital TV upgrades are central to the development of the television business as it faces up to a range of challenges from allied and new entertainment options. Pay TV is also coming under pressure from several directions. Free and low-cost options are forcing premium pay-TV services to justify their subscription prices. This has led to an increasing reliance on technology innovations such as multiscreen, HDTV, VOD, DVRs and 3DTV to demonstrate added value.

    This new – fully updated - edition of Informa’s Global Digital & Pay TV research report is, for the first time, provided in an innovative new PowerPoint-based format. This will provide you with insights that are:

  • Much more CONCISE than in previous editions. The country profiles are now much more succinct, to-the-point and easier to navigate.

  • Better VISUALLY. The new country updates have many more graphics. The focus has shifted to analyzing the market in a more visual way – emphasizing key areas for ease of reference.

  • More FLEXIBLE – to save you time. Presented in an easy-to-use PowerPoint that is simple to manipulate, so clients can modify them very easily to their own particular needs.

  • More ANALYSIS. Each country update has a new expanded “Informa Viewpoint”. This makes it clear what Informa’s take is on each market.

  • WIDER in focus. A new section called “Next generation TV” looks beyond the traditional TV platforms (cable, satellite, IPTV, terrestrial) and analyzes new developments in areas like over-the-top video, catch-up TV and multiscreen.

  • This year’s research has been significantly enhanced through the use of an inventive new style of research report, which provides you with the insight you need to understand the global Pay-TV and Digital-TV sectors. Gain insights into these key areas via Informa’s proprietary data and forecasts, which this year have been significantly expanded to include much more detail of the emerging MENA region.

      Key Coverage:

      • The digital and pay-TV landscape in 69 countries
      • 19 in-depth country profiles
      • Digital and pay-TV subscriber figures, across all platforms
      • Global rankings and forecasts to 2017

      • Report features and benefits:

        • Year-on-year forecasts to 2017 that include TV household composition and revenues by DTT, digital cable, DTH and IPTV.
        • Independent analysis of the global digital and pay TV industry by our highly-regarded industry experts. The 12th edition of this report is based on fully updated and expanded research, to ensure you have the most recent information available.
        • Country-by-country coverage of the global industry, with special focus on the key global pay and digital TV markets.

      Key questions answered:

      • What types of pay-TV services are seeing the strongest demand?
      • How are value-added technologies such as HDTV and DVRs shaping the digital landscape?
      • What sorts of revenue levels are being generated in an emerging region like MENA?
      • How has the increasing presence of telecoms companies affected the digital TV scene?
      • What strategies are governments using to speed up analog switchover?
      • How is digital DTH adapting to its lack of an in-built return path?
      • Are cable companies providing their subscribers with compelling reasons to upgrade to digital?
      • China is earmarked for significant growth. Where else will there be major growth opportunities up to 2017?

      Countries Covered

      • Australia
      • Brazil
      • Canada
      • China
      • France
      • Norway
      • Hong Kong
      • Germany
      • Italy
      • India
      • Mexico
      • Japan
      • Poland
      • Netherlands
      • Spain
      • Russia
      • Turkey
      • Sweden
      • US
      • UK

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