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The Africa & Middle East Mobile Telecoms Market in Figures: 2Q 2012

cover of The Africa & Middle East Mobile Telecoms Market in Figures: 2Q 2012

Management Report
Published: July 2012
Pages: 133
Research from: Blycroft Publishing
Sector: Mobile

From: GBP 295.00
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Which option is right for me?

Option 1: 2Q 2012 only - A full dataset allows you to identify trends; benchmark in-house modelling and generally 'know' the market. It is a complete, self-contained solution.

Option 2: 2Q 2012 + next 3 quarters - The 2Q 2012 dataset is updated each quarter, so that you also receive the editions published in October, January and April. Invaluable if you are active in the market.

Option 3: 2Q 2012 + next 3 quarters + 6-month subscription (24 weekly issues) to 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week' - All of the above, plus 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week's' (worth GBP 379)  insights to what is driving the market - and the numbers. It will update you on issues that matter, such as: How is Airtel fairing - how critical is Nigeria (the the threat possed by Econet); and what happened to Airtel's much vaunted 'minute factory' model in Africa...and what is Airtel doing to replace it? Is Glo going to go in Ghana? - the operator has made a substantial investment, but needs a significant slice of the action to justify the investment. Has Movietel got it right in Mozambique - and is the Israeli market going to grow as new operators come on-line...or are margins going to be driven down so that investment dries up? If these are the things that matter to you, Option 3 represents a very cost-effective way of monitoring the Africa and Middle East telecoms market week-by-week, and quarter-by-quarter.

Is Africa still the world's fastest growing mobile market, or is the on-going global credit squeeze causing it to lose some of its shine?

Or are some markets more recession-proof than others? What impact will the new entrants have such as Glo in Ghana; Cafe in Cote d'Ivoire; and Movitel in Mozambique - and which ones are expected to gain share in the next five years? Who is the top dog in Africa now...and which operators represent a potential serious threat to them...and which major group probably doesn't?

Sections include:

  • About the 2Q 2012 statistics
  • Africa Region Mobile Subscribers
  • Africa Mobile Penetration
  • Africa Top 100 Mobile Network Operators
  • Middle East Top 40 Mobile Network Operators
  • Africa & Middle East Top 100 Mobile Operators
  • Africa Net Additions by Region & State
  • Middle East Net Additions by Region & State
  • East Mediterranean Mobile Network Subscribers
  • Gulf Mobile Network Subscribers
  • North Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
  • West Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
  • Southern Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
  • Central Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
  • East Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
  • Africa Major Mobile Groups
  • Middle East Major Mobile Groups
  • Major North Africa Mobile Markets
  • Major West Africa Mobile Markets
  • Major Central Africa Mobile Markets
  • Major East Africa Mobile Markets
  • Major Southern Africa Mobile Markets
  • Major Middle East Mobile Markets
  • Mobile Network Operator Forecasts 4Q 2012 - 4Q 2016
  • About 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week'
  • The MNO Directory (with sample operator profiles)

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