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Mobile Content and Services Forecasts 2011-2016 - 8th edition

Mobile Content and Services Forecasts 2011-2016 - 8th edition

Management Report
Published: May 2012
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Research from: Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media)
Sector: Mobile

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The popularity of mobile applications has resulted in the shift of power from operators to OTT players and has provided a much-needed boost to the uptake of mobile content and data services. However, it is important to remember that mobile app stores still only account for a very small portion of total end-user data revenues.

The growing user preference for mobile applications means the trend towards direct-to-consumer offerings is becoming more evident and players like Apple, Google and many others are exerting increasing pressure on mobile operators to be more innovative and collaborative with their service offerings.
The Mobile Content and Applications Forecasts report is the industry authority and is the only in-depth report that provides data, forecasts and analysis of the entire mobile content, applications and data services market.

The report provides the most comprehensive forecasts on 30+ data services including mobile messaging (SMS, MMS, IM, e-mail), mobile entertainment (ringtones, ringback tones, music full-tracks, music streaming, mobile games, mobile TV and video), mobile Internet, mobile payments and banking, mobile social networking, location-based services and mobile applications.

All these forecasts are available for 13 countries (UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Brazil, and Russia), and also at a regional and global level.

Key issues covered in this edition

  • How should mobile operators, handset vendors, content providers and other players in the value chain evolve their business to stay competitive and benefit from new market opportunities?

  • What is the market potential of various mobile data services and applications in terms of end users and revenue generation?

  • What has been the impact of the increasing direct-to-consumer/off-portal initiatives in the mobile content and applications market?

  • What are the existing business models and what new models will emerge?

  • How will the growing popularity of mobile applications influence the uptake of mobile content and value-added services?

  • Regional and country level forecasts, 2010 - 2016:

      North America Latin America
    • US
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • Rest of Latin America
    • Asia Pacific Western Europe
    • Asia Pacific Developed
    • France
    • Japan
    • Germany
    • South Korea
    • Italy
    • Rest of Asia Pacific Developed
    • Spain
    • Asia Pacific Developing
    • UK
    • China
    • Rest of Western Europe
    • India
    • Eastern Europe
    • Rest of Asia Pacific Developing
    • Russia
    • Africa
    • Rest of Eastern Europe
    • Middle East Global

    Detailed Users, Usage/Traffic and Revenue Forecasts for following mobile content and value-added services:

      Mobile messaging Images
    • SMS P2P
    • Mobile TV and video downloads
    • MMS P2P
    • Mobile TV and video streaming
    • E-mail P2P
    • Mobile gambling
    • IM P2P
    • Mobile Internet
    • SMS A2P
    • Portable Internet
    • MMS A2P
    • Location-based services: enterprise
    • E-mail A2P
    • Enterprise – mobile office
    • IM A2P
    • Social networking
    • SMS P2A
    • Mobile payments and banking
    • MMS P2A
    • Mobile banking
    • E-mail P2A
    • Payments (remote)
    • IM P2A
    • Payments (local)
    • Mobile music
    • Mobile funds transfer: domestic
    • Ringtones
    • Mobile funds transfer: international
    • Ringback tones
    • E-publications
    • Music full-track downloads
    • App stores
    • Music streaming
    • Total mobile applications
      Mobile games
    • Games downloads
    • Real-time games

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