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Telecommunications Directory of China 2012

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Published: January 2012
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Research from: API Publishing
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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China is one of the fastest growing economies globally. The Chinese domestic telecommunications industry has been a key contributor to the country’s staggering economic growth. As one of the world’s major producers of telecommunications products, the sector achieved an annual compound growth rate of 16.0% between the years 1985-2009. 

The market potential of the Chinese telecommunications sector is enormous and business opportunities abound. However, unraveling the maze of who’s who, and who does what is a daunting task. Here’s the solution you’ve been looking for . . . 

The Telecommunications Directory of China has been thoroughly researched, to bring you a completely up-to-date guide to China’s ever-changing telecommunications industry. 

If you need to source from, or sell to China, any telecommunication product, or if you’re looking to break into this appealing market, the new Telecommunications Directory of China will provide you with over a thousand fresh business contacts - and help you keep track of old ones - quickly and easily. 

This one directory covers the entire Chinese telecommunication industries sector. 

This Directory will enable you to:

  • Profile a market
  • Build new business prospects
  • Pinpoint key executives
  • Generate new customers
  • Discover who your competitors are
  • Make vital contacts
  • Save the time, money and effort of doing your own research
  • Identify alternative suppliers and manufacturers
  • Source up-to-date company information
  • Access a wealth of quality information on companies and key personnel.

Whether you are a product manager, in charge of marketing or simply interested to remain in touch with the latest developments in the Chinese telecommunications industry, this Directory will save you time and effort in finding the up-to-date information you need.

The Telecommunications Directory of China gives you instant access to a wealth of accurate information on hundreds of companies.

Look at the depth of information you’ll get in The Telecommunications Directory of China:

  • Company Name.
  • Address, Postcode
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email & Website
  • Contact Person
  • Products & Services

6 Great Reasons to order your copy of The Telecommunications Directory of China:

  1. Save time: no need to search the internet, all the information you need is in one handy guide;
  2. Save money: by using a resourceful book that details all your business contacts activities;
  3. Gain an understanding of the key players in this increasingly dominant market: quickly and easily
  4. Source the right trader/producer: by identifying products quickly;
  5. Discover new business leads: and grow your business;
  6. Update your contact list: from the most reliable source in the industry.

Why wait? If you’re are buying or selling telecommunications products in China, or wishing to do so, this directory is essential for you. Where else will you find such a broad depth of both key contact and production information for the Chinese telecommunications industry in one handy reference source?

Don’t miss this opportunity to own your copy of this superb directory for the telecommunications industry!

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