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cover of BTwatch

Published: 12 issues per annum
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Research from: Market Mettle
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

From: GBP 1135.00
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What is it?

BTwatch us a monthly, comprehensive insight report service delivered to subscribers, giving a detailed account on what is happening across the whole of BT Group, the UK’s wireline incumbent and global network operator, covering all of its customer-facing businesses, domestically and around the world, and monitoring the innovation and strategy units determining its future. BTwatch gives users:

  • An impartial perspective — the facts, uninfluenced by PR spin or media preconception.
  • Knowledge and insight — highlighting opportunities for suppliers, and developments that impact the entire UK communications sector.
  • Encapsulation of the threats, strategy, innovations, and other intelligence relevant to BT.
  • Expert opinion — the core team has been tracking the telco for over a decade, through multiple regime changes and restructures, providing proven ability to be the first to call BT’s long-game in a fashion far beyond short-term soundbites.

Who uses it?

BTwatch is essential reading for people, teams and organisations looking to create, develop, and extend long‑term relationships with clients across BT. The service is popular with:

  • Many people within BT.
  • BT’s top, established suppliers.
  • Rising-star vendors.
  • Organisations and Account Directors looking to open and build their unique relationships with the UK incumbent, and who are aware that sales cycles take time, investment, and repeated contact — whether to achieve the initial key relationship or to extend this across disparate areas of BT.

BTwatch clients can be found within major players in the following segments:

  • Network equipment providers.
  • Value‑added services players.
  • IT and IS suppliers.
  • OSS/BSS vendors.
  • Professional services firms.
  • Marketing agencies.
  • HR/Search consultancies.
  • Government and financial stakeholders.

10 reasons to sign up and start using BTwatch now

  1. Nurture your key account – if BT is a valuable ongoing customer, and you have aspirations to maintain revenues and grow the account, then BTwatch is a must-have service.
  2. Support your rainmakers, whether large dispersed teams, or dedicated individual – leverage the expertise and insight of that our dedicated team of researchers, analysts and editors deliver. To match this authoritative and useable knowledge base would take hundreds of days of valuable team-time to replicate every year. Many subscribers rely on BTwatch to brief their senior executive peers and line management because it is comprehensive, reliable and authoritative.
  3. Inside track – we find out things you’ll miss. We present an expert view and we reveal information not widely communicated even across BT itself. This is often material your contacts and network won’t always be seeing, and the value is further evidenced BTwatch’s popularity within BT itself.
  4. Contacts and leads — take advantage of BTwatch to keep an eye on people movements, learn about the actors behind initiatives, track contracts, and keep up to speed on new ventures that are not communicated in other sources. Understand how everything fits into BT’s bigger Group picture.
  5. Defend your account — competition to supply BT is rife, and developing business with the Group is a long‑term investment. Leverage BTwatch to ensure you and all your permanent and virtual team are always fully clued‑up and protecting all the hard work and investment made in your BT account and opportunities.
  6. Sell more to BT — ensure new opportunities aren’t missed. Maximise your account knowledge (with minimum time and effort expended), to support your engagements and deliver on potential as well as aspirations across the account.
  7. Widen and deepen your roots across BT — use the leads, insight, and knowledge of opportunities that BTwatch presents each month, to maximise awareness and understanding of who the decision-makers, influencers, and people‑of‑tomorrow are, and with whom to connect. Be prepared for sudden reorganisations or subtle shifts in emphasis that can disrupt your hard work and established networks, and be well-placed to react when these changes present you with new opportunities.
  8. Creative cross- and up-selling — achieve a regular and reliably updated, holistic view of BT, enabling you to learn and predict organisational behaviour, and helping you to anticipate openings and changes where BT evidently has needs, opportunities, or is facing its own challenges.
  9. Stand out from the crowd — take advantage of the knowledge captured by BTwatch to differentiate and enhance your positioning. Develop depth of knowledge that will permeate every element of your propositions, to demonstrate to BT your impressive and considered understanding of their requirements and corporate ethos.
  10. The perfect (strategic) archive for your major account— step back and mine the archive to validate your knowledge gained, and channel it to feed and build your strategic account plans and briefings. As new opportunities arise, exploit the scope of the BTwatch back catalogue to take lessons from the past and test assumptions.

BTwatch coverage

BT Group central functions

Customer-facing divisions

  • BT Global Services (Americas, Asia, Europe, and Middle East)
  • BT Retail
  • BT Wholesale
  • Openreach

Group Strategy and Operations

  • BT Innovate & Design
  • Financial reports
  • Regulation

Business units

  • BTagilemedia
  • BT Business
  • BT Conferencing
  • BT Directories
  • BT Engage IT
  • BT Expedite
  • BT Fleet
  • BT FON
  • BT Fresco
  • BT Global Financial Services
  • BT Health
  • BT Ireland
  • BT Local Business
  • BT Local Government
  • BT Media & Broadcast
  • BT Openzone
  • BT Payphones
  • BT Television Services
  • PlusNet
  • Ribbit
  • Tech Mahindra

Cost and outputs

  • 10–12 executive reports per year, comprehensively covering BT Group and its global interests (see coverage details above). Click here to see sample content, including issue Snapshots, Executive Briefs, and Extracts.
    • Account Team Licence (up to 40 people): £5,000 per year
  • Attractive deals for teams to accommodate collaboration tools, portals, etc., and for packages of our services and multi‑year commitment.
  • Evaluation samples available on request.

Pricing is typically US$8.2k / €5.7k / £5k-per-year for a mid-sized account team, tailored to meet your needs and situation. Also available are back issues, which provide a valuable library of historical events, strategic initiatives, financials and KPIs.

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