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UK Enterprise Segment Communications Service Providers

UK Enterprise Segment Communications Service Providers cover

Market Study
Published: July 2011
Pages: 647
Research from:
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

From: GBP 995.00
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This authoritative and comprehensive 647 page report profiles and compares 42 key providers of communications and related services to UK enterprises.

The report includes the following:
> Expert market analysis (sizing, segmentation, positioning)
> Profiles of the leading 42 service providers
> Verdict
> Summary (strategy and recent activities)
> Network & Portfolio
> Management (revenues, reputation and promotion)
> Compares them in terms of:
> Target customers
> Revenues

Who should buy the report?
> Operators selling telecoms services to enterprises in the UK
> Companies investing in, partnering or supplying the above

Key benefits:
> Source of up-to-date information on 42 key players
> Independent, up-to-date market analysis and benchmarks

Key conclusions:
> The UK market for enterprise communications services is worth an estimated £14 billion per annum;
> BT remains the largest player in the market with a 38% overall market share;
> The top end of the market (corporates and large organisations/public sector bodies) is well served and highly competitive;
> The SME segment is also well served as its diversity of needs is matched by a broad diversity of service providers;
> The SoHo segment is less well served as it straddles the line between the consumer and small business segments;
> The prevailing political, economic, social and technological environments present attractive opportunities in the market, in spite of the recession

UK corporate, public sector and SME segments well served, but SoHo market largely ignored

A new report from benchmark-it (UK Enterprise Segment Communications Service Providers) finds that most business and public sector customers benefit from a wide range of choices for their communications and related services, but that SoHo segment propositions are lacking.

Report author Rob Pritchard observes: “Because SoHo customers are so diverse and tend to straddle the line between the business and consumer segments, service providers seem to find it a difficult market to address.”

The report also finds that BT continues to dominate the £14 billion UK enterprise services market, with an overall 38% market share.

“The reason why most service providers continue to prosper in the market is that the successful players are focused on a target set of customers in an environment where factors such as the prevailing political, economic, social and technology trends continue to encourage greater use of communications and related IT services that can deliver improved productivity, operational flexibility and provide access to new markets.”

The 647 page report profiles and compares 42 providers of enterprise telecoms services in the UK.

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