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Small Cell and Het-Net Forecast: Microcell, Picocell, Femtocell

Small Cell and Het-Net Forecast: Microcell, Picocell, Femtocell

Table of Contents

Market Study
Published: January 2011
Pages: 96
Tables: 76
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Research from: Mobile Experts
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

This report includes:
  • A broad overview of the market drivers which are pushing mobile operators toward new architectures;
  • Technical analysis of the rationale for each equipment type;
  • Detailed and comprehensive analysis of:
    •  <!--[endif]-->Microcells
    • Picocells
    • Femtocells
    • Indoor DAS
    • Outdoor DAS
    • Repeaters
    • Relays
    • Satellite backhaul for mobile access nodes
  • Forecast spreadsheets are also available with analysis of multiple segments:
    • By frequency band;
    • By air interface standard;
    • By power level;
    • By network architecture, Iuh and IMS/SIP vs. Iub;
    • By architecture, multimode vs. single mode;
    • Consumer vs. enterprise vs. mobile operator deployment
    • By world region
  • The report includes profiles on more than 30 semiconductor and small-cell suppliers.

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