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The Americas Telecoms Directory :: MNO, MVNO, Fixed & WiMAX

The Americas Telecoms Directory :: MNO, MVNO, Fixed & WiMAX

Published: January 2011
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Research from: Blycroft Publishing
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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- 381 telecom company profiles based upon 455 operations
- 1246 management contacts
- 53 countries
- 4 operator directories in 1

The Americas Telecoms Operators 2011 - MNO, WiMAX, MVNO & Fixed Directory, is a merging of 4 technology specific directories into 1 regional directory offering. This directory covers 53 countries across North and South America presenting profiles of regional mobile networks, WiMAX networks, mobile virtual networks and resellers as well as fixed line operations.
Research for this directory comes from the 4 directories from Blycroft’s directory series. The newest edition being The MNO Directory, published January 2011. Data from the MNO Directory has been merged with the 3 other directories. The result is a directory of 381 companies providing telecoms service to the Americas region.

Buyers of the Excel option will also receive the 4 technology specific regional directories within the Excel data file (the file contains merged and de-duplicated profiles in 1 sheet plus the 4 directories prior to merging within 4 separate sheets).
Research Process
Research for the Blycroft directory series is lead by Mark Thomas, who has held this role for 4 years. The first directory produces was The MVNO Directory in 2006, which was followed by the MNO Directory in 2007. In 2010 the Fixed Directory and WiMAX Directory were both released for the 1st time.

Each directory starts as a list of operations to research. This list is generated by consulting regulators, trade bodies and trade media. Operations are then verified by researching each operator individually. Where directories are updated annually the researchers review large quantities of daily telecoms news resources since the previous edition to help update the list of operators.

As part of the major research section the research team reviews each operator to help ensure that the profile data remains valid. This review is performed by interrogating the brand and company websites of the operators, parent companies and regulators. Financial reports, press releases, company statements and various official documentation are used in combination with trade press and social networking applications to capture information to be in the directory profiles. Direct consultation occurs with operators to clarify conflicting information.

Management Contacts
The AME Directory contains over 1,240 named management contacts. These people are selected from the senior management teams and feature job titles such as President, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Executive and Senior Vice Presidents plus other senior positions. It is not feasible to provide direct email or telephone numbers for these people so you will not find these within the directory; to get such information would require the individuals to volunteer their correct contact information for 3rd party marketing, which is something a senior executive will not do. (Be wary of any directory claiming to have this data as direct lines change too often to track and a large proportion of senior managers do not use standard format e-mail addresses, making these impossible to guess.)

291 profiles contain at least 1 named management contact. Contacts from newer directories replace older contacts, so where a profile represents both an MNO and a fixed network you will find the MNO research listed.

Operator profiles for this directory are a merging of 4 technology profiles into 1 company profile. Where a company operates more than 1 type of network the researchers have merged this information to form 1 profile (instead of multiple entries for a single company). This means that 455 operations as identified by the directory are conveniently presented as 381 company profiles. Some duplicated entries have been kept due to significant differences in how operations are managed or owned. For instance, a state may have retained sole ownership of their fixed line network and have sold off a significant share of their mobile network.

Please note that data has been used from the 4 directories and represents the company at the time of the individual directory publications. Information from newer directories supersedes that of the earlier directories.

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