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5G: The NanoCore

5G: The NanoCore

Market Briefing
Published: December 2010
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Research from: Mind Commerce
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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This is the first research that takes a view of 5G networks from a Next Generation Network (NGN) perspective. This research represents analysis of 5G networks with an emphasis on areas that are of special interest to network operators, services providers, and R&D groups. This research focuses on developments and technologies that have great potential to evolve present telecommunication systems into high-value 5G NGN architectures.


The incorporated technologies are:


1. Nanotechnology.

2. Cloud Computing.

3. All IP Network.

4. Flat IP Architecture.


This research also provides a vision into 5G networks incorporating different technologies that will bring NGN capabilities to an entirely new level.




Key Benefits:


·         A view into the future of telecommunication beyond LTE

·         Vision and perspectives into 5G architecture

·         Analysis of nanotechnology and cloud computing evolution to form a single entity the NanoCore

·         Evaluation of leading edge technologies compounded to form 5G including Morphe, Graphene, Nanosensor, Optoelectronics, Quantum Cryptography, Multicore technology





·         Telecommunication operators and service providers

·         Network system manufacturing vendors

·         Telecom managed services providers

·         Professionals from different technologies (Telecoms, Nanotechnology, Cloud Computing, and AIPN)



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