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The European Telco Vendors Database 2010

The European Telco Vendors Database 2010

Published: June 2010
Pages: 122
Research from: Blycroft Publishing
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

From: GBP 299.00
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This directory provides detailed profiles for 294 telecommunication vendor companies active in Western Europe, and typically lists companies offering telecom hardware, gateways, switches, tower equipment etc.


Blycroft Publishing is pleased to announce the new European Telco Vendors Database 2010. This new research profiles companies known to be active vendors and manufacturers typically (but not exclusively) supporting GSM, CDMA and fixed network operators around the world. The directory contains profiles of 294 vendors and features 948 named management contacts.

The European Telco Vendors Database 2010 is an excellent starting point for any company needing to pitch manufacturers and vendors across the Western European region and provides an essential tool to assist you in your direct marketing efforts, be it either by mailshot or telephone campaign.


Typical Vendor profiles are made up of the following data points (please note that all information is provided where possible):

- Company name
- Profile of company and its focus
- Country of operation
- Address
- Telephone (central number, other numbers used where necessary)
- Fax
- URL of the operation
- Named senior management contacts (mainly C level) (name and job title)


Blycroft’s European Telco Vendors Database 2010 features management contacts. These are the key decision makers and are typically from the senior management teams. The most common job title is that of Chief Executive Officer with other common titles such as Chief Finance Officer and Chief Technology Officer also included.

Within the operator profiles you will find over 948 senior managers listed. We have included where possible Vice Presidents, Business Development Executives and directors of various disciplines. Please note that the directory does not contain e-mail addresses or direct dial telephone numbers.

The directory provides generic telephone numbers so you can access central switchboards. 


The European Telco Vendors Database 2010 employs a multi-stage research process. The first stage of research was a complete trawl of multiple telecoms news services. From this research the list of active vendors has been amended by removing obsolete operations and adding new entrants.

Researchers used multiple resources to research each European Telco Vendor profile. Information used in European Telco Vendors Database 2010 has been taken directly from the vendors at a country level, their parent companies (whether part of a group or other firm), from industry sources and mobile market analysts across multiple media. Web portals, annual and interim reports, company press releases, industry statements, contract notifications and general news are all examined to capture accurate and relevant data.

The researchers rely on information provided by the vendors, parent companies and regulators as being accurate. Therefore Blycroft can not be held liable for any inaccuracy in the directory or associated losses where data is found to be incorrect. By purchasing the directory all buyers accept this term and acknowledge that churn within management functions may also result in certain contacts no longer working for their respective manufacturer or vendor. In researching the contact information customer service contacts have been used where no alternative contact information could be found and all data is provided where possible.


The European Telco Vendors Database 2010 can be ordered in either PDF or PDF + Excel format. The Excel file contains the same research as the PDF but is designed for the use of multiple users. Access to the Excel allows for the data to be manipulated and extracted as required.

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