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Customer care market share report 2009

Customer care market share report 2009

Market Study
Published: June 2010
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Research from: Analysys Mason
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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The overall market for customer care software was USD2.118 billion in 2009. Customer care revenue grew by 3.1% – more than some other areas of BSS and OSS – since it is considered to be related to revenue generation. Customer care is a relatively consolidated market, and two vendors command 45% of the market. However, vendors such as Huawei and AsiaInfo, which serve the emerging markets, are quickly gaining market share.

The customer care market was driven by increased competition in the emerging markets, the increasingly complex services and service bundles being offered by CSPs, the strong desire of consumers for instant service, the increasing need of CSPs to offer many new services quickly and the need to reduce customer support costs.

Large transformation projects have fallen out of favour and many CSPs are now implementing targeted CRM systems for specific purposes, integrating them into their overall customer care operations.

This report provides detailed market share data on three application segments: CRM, subscriber management and customer interaction. It identifies the leading ISVs and their respective market shares in each category and by geography. ISVs with a diversified portfolio of products appear in multiple categories. We have included software licence and product-related services in calculating the market share positions.

The Customer care market share report 2009 answers your key questions:

  • Which were the leading ISVs in each of the three sub-segments of the customer care market in 2009?
  • Which gained or lost market share and why?
  • How did the customer care market in 2009 compare with that in 2008 ?
  • How is Huawei placed in the customer care market?
  • How did the economic downturn affect this market?
  • Which areas of investment received the greatest attention from CSPs?
  • What are the strategic directions and strengths and weaknesses of each of the top six customer care suppliers overall, and in each sub-segment?

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