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ATT, Net Neutrality & FCC - There’s More to the Story -

ATT, Net Neutrality & FCC - Theres More to the Story

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Market Briefing
Published: July 2010
Pages: 5
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Research from: Mind Commerce
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

Mark Csernica Comments on Andy Kessler’s Opinion “The iPhone, Net Neutrality and the FCC” in the 6/11/2010 Wall Street Journal. The article laments ATT’s implementation of usage-based wireless data pricing, and ATT continuing “chess match” with the FCC over imposing network neutrality rules on Wireless. Mr Kessler argues that the ATT changed its pricing strategy as part of a strategy to combat FCC’s plans to implement network neutrality. This is at the expense of product developers (i.e., Apple), application developers and ultimately the consumer. With network neutrality, Mr. Kessler points out competition will be promoted, keeping pricing fair and reasonable, ultimately benefitting the consumer. Without network neutrality, there is no protection for the consumer.


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