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Europe Telecom Insider / Vol. 2, No 2, March Edition

Europe Telecom Insider / Vol. 2, No 2, March Edition

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Management Study
Published: March 2010
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Research from: Pyramid Research
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

The role of governments in boosting broadband uptake is growing in most European countries. Notably, the EU Parliament last November adopted a package of telecom proposals not only to strengthen the power of telecom regulators but also to guide its member states on how to propel broadband growth via targeted investments and spectrum awards. This will be particularly beneficial to the newest EU members, which are still aligning their regulatory frameworks, especially in Poland, where the regulator is making moves to rein in the dominant telecom incumbent, TP. Pyramid Research believes that uptake of broadband services ? mobile and fixed combined ? will grow during 2009-2014 at a compound annual rate of 20% in Central and Eastern Europe, versus 13% in Western Europe. This is due not only to there being more room for organic growth in CEE because of the lower broadband penetration there, but also to governments being increasingly focused on bringing Internet connectivity to a wider public. More affordable laptop and netbook bundles will also play a part in enabling broadband growth. Growth in CEE countries will outpace that in their Western counterparts.

This report analyzes government-led initiatives to stimulate broadband adoption across Eastern, Central and Western Europe. We examine the likely effects of recent regulatory changes and look at initiatives that have broadband growth at heart. Finally, we examine specific developments in four case studies: Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and Portugal.

Published monthly for each of the world’s most dynamic regions, Telecom Insiders are packed with trend analysis, industry best practices, market sizing and forecasting, competitor analysis, and case studies, providing you information you can leverage to make better business decisions.

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