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Mobile Payments 2010-2014 :: Portio Research

Mobile Payments 2010-2014 :: Portio Research

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Market Study
Published: March 2010
Pages: 110
Tables: 59
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Research from: Portio Research
Sector: Mobile Content & Apps

Examining the exciting worldwide mobile payments market, this essential new report delivers analysis of mobile payment services including in-app payments, mobile ticketing and mobile coupons, and identifies the opportunities in the mobile payments space.

This invaluable research provides growth forecasts and market sizing; details the various types of mobile payments and different platforms they use; reveals the drivers and challenges affecting mobile payment development; appraises mobile payment business models and compares value chains; and offers supporting case studies and profiles of major markets, key players and successful mobile payment services.

Key features of this essential new market study:

  • Plan using mobile payment volume and user forecasts to 2014
  • Study major markets, key players and successful service deployments
  • Understand how mobile handsets complete payment-related transactions
  • Uncover the key stakeholders in this segment; learn who MNOs are teaming with
  • Gain insight into the different types of mobile payments, platforms and applications
  • Analyse the USD 108 billion that mobile payments are generating in 2010
  • Assess the challenges for different mobile payment platforms
  • Appraise mobile payment business models
  • Examine different value chains
  • All this and more in this must-have 110 page report

About this report

The worldwide mobile payments market has significantly evolved in the last five years, with mobile handsets now being readily used for a variety of payment-related transactions.

Mobile network operators – either on their own or in partnership with banks/financial institutions and mobile payment service providers – are developing platforms and applications to offer mobile payment services, and with such initiatives in place, the mobile payments segment has established itself in several advanced mobile markets worldwide and is now also expanding its reach in emerging markets.

The worldwide mobile payments volume – denoting the face value of purchases and transactions through mobile handsets – stood at USD 68.7 billion in 2009, up from USD 45.6 billion in 2008, and will surge nine-fold to reach USD 633.4 billion by end-2014.

In 2009, there were 81.3 million mobile payment users worldwide and this number is forecast to grow over six-fold to reach nearly 490 million by the end of 2014, seeing the worldwide penetration of mobile payment users increasing over four-fold to reach almost 8 percent by end-2014.

This new market study looks at the worldwide mobile payments market in seven fact-filled chapters:

· Introduction
· Mobile Money
· Mobile Payments
· Mobile In-application Payments
· Mobile Ticketing and Coupons
· Conclusion
· Appendices (including full glossary of terms)

Obstacles to the adoption of mobile payments have included a lack of scalable and viable business models, lack of standardisation, and fragmented commercial efforts. And of course, advanced mobile data services also often have a tendency of initially faring better in advanced mobile markets, rather than emerging or less advanced markets; and – though exceptions exist to this generalization – mobile payments have broadly followed this pattern of adoption.

However, the success of mobile payment business models in some key markets and the encouraging uptake of mobile payment services therein has revived the interest of potential stakeholders in deploying the next phase of mobile payment services worldwide. Mobile payments are now finding traction with consumers who prefer cashless payments and with merchants seeking to reduce costs and transaction times.

From simple SMS-based services to advanced bar-coded tickets and beyond, mobile payment services have come a long way and yet still remain in a relatively nascent stage. This 109-page report explores how stakeholders can unite to realise the huge untapped potential that mobile payments possess to substantially increase their revenues and user bases.

Further reasons to buy this research:

  • Benefit from worldwide and regional level analysis
  • Review new and essential forecasts and market data
  • Explore and identify opportunities and benefits in this exciting growth segment
  • Improve familiarity with mobile payment technology - where it’s deployed and how it works, including SMS/Application, WAP, USSD, and NFC
  • See which regions will gain most from the impressive increases in mobile payment volumes and users in the next five years
  • Expose obstacles to the adoption of mobile payments and how to overcome these
  • Identify the drivers for stakeholders within the mobile payments ecosystem
  • Review depicted business models, including Apple’s In-app Payments model
  • Appreciate the revenue potential of mobile In-App payments for MNOs, App Developers and Handset Manufacturers

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