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Policy management and deep packet inspection outlook

Policy management and deep packet inspection outlook

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Market Study
Published: January 2010
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Research from: Analysys Mason
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

Investments in policy management software have taken on greater significance with the explosion of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as P2P, video and gaming applications, and advances in smart phones – most notably the iPhone. At the same time, business models are evolving that require more controls in the delivery and charging of services. The value of policy-management systems and the use of deep packet inspection (DPI) technology will be deployed as an effective management and network enforcement technology to prioritise traffic, generate new sources of revenue, thwart network disruptions and meet more-stringent regulations on roaming. Communications service providers (CSPs) in all regions of the world and across residential broadband, mobile and enterprise business services are implementing policy management systems to enhance services using next-generation network technologies.

Policy management software systems will evolve from single-function to multi-function solutions that support subscriber management, policy and charging control and class of service. Analysys Mason forecasts that the overall policy management market will grow from USD876 million in 2008 to USD2.62 billion in 2013 at a CAGR of 27%.

This 41-page report focuses on the use of policy management and DPI technology as business models change from flat-rate tariff plans towards tiered services and personalised subscriber data management. We evaluate different stages of market development, from specialty appliance point solutions to a more-comprehensive policy management strategy that addresses the needs of network quality of service, traffic shaping, targeted advertising, compliance with regulatory agencies and lawful intercept for IP networks. The report examines effective-use case studies in the residential broadband and mobile data segments of the market.

This use of DPI as a technology will also shape the evolution of software systems focused on next-generation subscriber data management, and on real-time charging. This report complements the research we have published in the subscriber data management and real-time charging segments. It provides forecast data, scenarios that evaluate CSPs' deployments in the current business environment and an examination of the market drivers and leading suppliers in this segment.

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