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Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week :: Blycroft Publishing

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Published: 48 issues per annum
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Research from: Blycroft Publishing
Sector: Mobile

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For African telecoms news, AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST TELECOM-WEEK is your weekly news service in this fast-moving telecoms market! Never before has Africa and the Middle East offered such a remarkable business opportunity for telecom manufacturers, operators and suppliers.

What do I get?

> 48 weekly issues delivered directly to your Inbox

> 12 Country Reports (published at monthly intervals) + access to all previously published reports

> Access to the Subscriber Archive which contains article search, Country Reports and back-issues, as well as...

> the 2010 MNO Directory Volume 1: Africa & the Middle East

Why Africa?

"...Africa remains Millicom's fastest growing region and an increasing proportion of total Group capex has been invested in the region in 2008 and we expect that this will continue in 2009. The slightly lower growth in new subscribers, 611 thousand in Q4, reflects the more challenging economic conditions across Africa, but we expect to continue to achieve high growth in Africa as, with around 160 million people under license, Africa represents 55% of Millicom's potential market and with the penetration still low in all our markets, there is potential for high growth for many years to come."

                                                                                                          Millicom 4Q 2008 Financial Report

Why 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week'? - 14 April 2009
"I have, of late, been taking advantage of an excellent newsletter from Blycroft Publishing - Africa & Middle East Telecoms Week."

"I like your magazine a lot! Very up-to-date and interesting info."

Saudi Telecom
" was my pleasure to receive your Africa & Middle east Telecom week, I believe it's one of the highest standard reports I have seen in terms of coverage to the big news especially in Saudi Arabia where I work."

"The title is meaningful, I like it mostly, nothing was bad so far.... It is great news."

"It is an excellent source of information, well compiled and concise. I am indeed interested to continue. Thank You."

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