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Consumer Technology Newsletter research service :: Ovum Telecoms & Media

Ovum Telecoms & Media's Consumer Technology Newsletter research service front cover

Published: 23 issues per annum
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Research from: Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media)
Sector: Mobile

From: GBP 1095.00
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Consumer Technology Newsletter - the only fortnightly research service focussing on the total mobile device market worldwide

Consumer Technology Newsletter fortnightly Research Service covers the issues which will directly impact the handset space and regularly breaks significant handset-related developments ahead of the mainstream press.

Research Coverage
  • In-depth research and analysis: regular, primary research from our editors and analysts
  • Exclusive news: hard-hitting news that impacts major players and markets
  • Complete research toolkit: search the full archive of analysis or download published research
  • Industry benchmark data: fully exportable primary data
Market Data

Our market data coverage is designed to provide clear benchmarking and status snapshot information, enabling you to track market progress on an ongoing basis.

Consumer Technology Newsletter regularly tracks the following:

  • Handset launches by vendor
  • Handset announcements by vendor
  • Device shipment numbers
  • Vendor, features and technology information
Key Questions Answered
  • What feature sets do global operators rank as 'essential' both today and looking into the future?
  • What impact do standards and specifications have on device production?
  • Which chipsets are the most popular and why?
  • What effect will ODMs and vendors in emerging markets have on established players?
Searchable Archive

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Online access turns your subscription into a reliable, fully functional business research tool.

Unique Information

Mobile Handset Analyst's research & analysis includes:

Reliable Company Analysis: of industry leaders and trendsetters in next-generation mobile technologies and services

In-depth Sector Analysis: of the areas you need to understand in order to take advantage of handset market opportunities

Accurate Regional Analysis: coverage of both the most advanced handset markets and those which present the greatest opportunity. We offer unparalleled analysis of the Western European, North American and Asian handset markets, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. We also focus on the opportunities in emerging markets such as China, India and Russia

Who Should Read This?

Key reading for anyone with a stake in the future of next-generation technologies and services:

  • Mobile operators
  • Handset vendors
  • Component vendors
  • Software vendors

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