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Consumer Telecoms Newsletter research service :: Ovum Telecoms & Media

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Published: 23 issues per annum
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Research from: Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media)
Sector: Mobile

From: GBP 1195.00
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"[it] gets beyond the hype and provides a deep analysis of data - essential for any executive in the mobile entertainment business"
Rimma Perelmuter
MEF Executive Director

Consumer Telecoms Newsletter, a fortnightly online Research Service delivering:

In-depth research and analysis, regular primary research from our editors and analysts

Exclusive news hard-hitting from major players and markets

Industry benchmark data

Research Coverage

Consumer Telecoms Newsletter's research & analysis includes:

  • Company Analysis of the companies that stand at the forefront of mobile data, as well as scrutiny of those aiming to make a mark in the mobile content and services market, including: Google, Sky, Omnifone, NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone.
  • Sector Analysis scrutiny of the areas you need to understand in order to take advantage of mobile data opportunities. Recent analysis has included mobile TV deployments and strategies, role of location in social-networking services, and music artists/labels' strategy in mobile.
  • Regional Analysis of markets worldwide, analysing subscriber and mobile data figures and identifying main developments and trends on the mobile content and data services front.
Market Data
  • Data Revenues/ARPU, by operator - with year-on-year comparison
  • Content and Data Services usage
  • Country Profiles - includes mobile data subscriber figures
  • Data Pricing, by operator
  • Content Deals
  • Financial Deals - VC Funding/Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Content Pricing - games, music, TV/video, and images - by operator and service provider

Consumer Telceoms Newsletter's data sections cover all regions of the world with every issue including content data usage from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US.

Key Questions Answered
  • Which mobile applications will be most lucrative for your business?
  • How can you differentiate your services?
  • What are the characteristics of a winning business models?
  • Which strategic partnerships should you make?
Searchable Archive

Consumer Telecoms Newsletter has up to 7 years worth of mobile content and application industry data that is fully searchable allowing you to search back issues of Mobile Media. Subscribe to Consumer Telcoms Newsletter online to receive instant access, to read online and download fully formatted PDFs. Access your issues on the day of publication, with no postal delays, and benefit from a fully searchable archive of over 7 years of research material. Online access turns your subscription into a fully featured research tool.

Unique Information

To incorporate a broader topic coverage of the increasingly complex and challenging mobile content and applications space, Consumer Telcoms Newsletter has changed its emphasis to focus on 'services'. The format includes:

  • News: 3 pages of exclusive news/news analysis
  • Mobile Internet: 3 pages of news, analysis and profiles focusing on mobile web topics, such as search, operator portal strategies, direct-to-consumer and mobile/Internet convergence
  • Mobile Entertainment: 3 pages of news, analysis and profiles focusing on entertainment content, such as music, games, video and TV
  • Mobile Services: 2 pages of news, analysis and profiles focusing on horizontal data enablers, such as location, payments, billing and device/service management, and specific verticals, such as mobile banking and demographic markets
  • Profile: 2 pages of analysis focused on a particular market sector or region
  • Business Analysis: 1-page analysis highlighting interesting deployments, business models, services, etc.
  • Data: 6 pages including regular service-consumption data from M-Metrics; internally generated data sets (quarterly/biannual) on different sectors of the market, as well as data/content pricing; and country mobile subscriber/mobile data figures plus analysis
Who Should Read This?

Respected and trusted by leading players. Key reading for anyone with a stake in the future of mobile content/data:

  • Mobile operators
  • Content and media players
  • Handset, device and infrastructure vendors
  • Industry & financial analysts

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