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Mobile Markets newsletter research service :: Ovum Telecoms & Media

Mobile Markets newsletter :: Ovum Telecoms & Media

Published: 23 issues per annum
Pages: For full details, please email
Research from: Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media)
Sector: Mobile

From: GBP 1425.00
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"Global Mobile gives an international perspective and provides comprehensive insight into worldwide markets."
Boris Nemsic
CEO, Telekom Austria Group

This leading source of mobile market intelligence includes exclusive news, competitive intelligence, trend analysis and primary data on the strategies, players and technologies that are shaping the international mobile market.

Research Coverage

Each fortnightly issue contains:

  • Exclusive news and news analysis on global cellular network operator and vendor strategies, regulatory developments, new product launches and network rollouts
  • Primary data on strategies, players and technologies that are shaping the wireless market
  • Competitive intelligence - each issue contains a SWOT analysis of one of the 30 largest listed operators
  • Regional mobile market analysis - dedicated regional analysis tracking the key trends across the following regions: North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Western Europe and Eastern Europe
  • Expert industry comment
Market Data

Regular mobile market data including:

  • ARPU - tracking the global changes by operator
  • Global cellular operator subscribers - detailing subscriber growth for the leading global operator groups by equity and by total subscriptions
  • Prepaid subscribers - by operators
  • Operator financial data - tracks the key financials (revenues, EBITDA and Capex) for the 30 largest listed operators
  • Vendor contracts - a summary of the wireless network infrastructure contracts value by vendor during the past six months
  • Mergers and acquisitions - twice yearly round-up of global merger and acquisition deals
Key Questions Answered
  • Which global regions mobile market is growing quickest?
  • What concerns and strategies are driving operators as they migrate from 2G to 2.5G, 3G and beyond?
  • What is the current trend in ARPU, how does this differ around the world?
  • Which regions are seeing the most merger and acquisition activity?
  • How is the mobile regulatory environment changing across the world?
Searchable Archive

Instant access to ten years' worth of global data and analysis
Subscribe to an online licence to Mobile Markets newsletter to receive instant access, to read online or download in a fully formatted PDF. Access your issue on the day of publication, with no postal delays, and benefit from a fully searchable archive of over ten years past issues, making your subscription into a fully featured research tool.

Regional Mobile Market Research

Every issue of Mobile Markets newsletter contains a 12 page supplement dedicated to analysing the current market status and key trends in a specific region. Each supplement contains: news, news analysis, regional analysis and four pages of key data including:

  • Cellular subscribers by country
  • Cellular subscribers by network
  • Cellular market share by operator

Regions covered: North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe

Who Should Read This?

Mobile operators
Assess the key opportunities and threats to their business and to benchmark their performance against their local competitors and peers regionally and globally.

Wireless Network Equipment Vendors
Evaluate the strategies of their competitors and operators and identify new opportunities in markets across the world.

Content and media players
Asses the technologies, operator strategies and markets that offer the best potential for you and identify potential partners in regions across the world.

Consultants, analysts and venture capitalists
Gain insight from unbiased, reasoned hard facts free from industry hype. Provide clients with clear business intelligence to support recommendations and investment in international mobile markets.

The detailed data in Global Mobile allows us to get an idea of how well each operator is doing and who we should be keeping on our radar for striking a deal with.
Rick Shigemoto
Information and Research Specialist, Palm Inc

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