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Intelligent Networks Newsletter :: Ovum Telecoms & Media

Intelligent Networks Newsletter front cover ::Ovum Telecoms & Media

Published: 23 issues per annum
Pages: For full details, please email
Research from: Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media)
Sector: Mobile

From: GBP 1495.00
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3G/HSPA, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, femtocells, backhaul & core, IMS, managed services, OSS/BSS 

Business critical information allowing you to fully understand next-generation mobile and wireless broadband markets

Providing accurate industry news, detailed market data and in-depth, expert analysis, 3G Wireless Broadband fortnightly Research Service is the industry's only complete, global resource to address the full range of next-generation mobile and wireless broadband technologies and services.

Research Coverage
  • In-depth research and analysis: regular, primary research from our editors and analysts
  • Exclusive news: hard-hitting news that impacts major players and markets
  • Complete research toolkit: search the full archive of analysis and download published research
  • Industry benchmark data: fully exportable primary data
  • Multiple user access: online and PDF research delivered to users across your organisation
Market Data

Intelligent Networks Newsletter provides quarterly and other regular updates of the following:

  • WCDMA/CDMA2000 subscriber numbers by operator and country
  • 3G/WiMAX vendor infrastructure announcements
  • Wi-Fi hotspot coverage/usage including totals by operator, country and region
  • Upcoming global spectrum availability for 3G and wireless broadband
Key Questions Answered
  • What 3G business models are operators developing?
  • How can you use WiMAX and Wi-Fi to differentiate your offering?
  • How is licensing and regulatory policy impacting on 3G/wireless broadband roll-out?
  • What are the broadband technology choices faced by cellular/wireless providers?
  • What applications and services are drawing customers to 3G/wireless broadband?
  • How is terminal development and availability affecting take-up of services?
  • Which wireless broadband markets will be strategically important to your operation?
  • How should you approach fixed-mobile convergence and wireless VoIP?
  • Which are the most successful IMS/IP core network migration strategies?
Searchable Archive

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Unique Information

Intelligent Networks Newsletter datasets are designed to provide clear benchmarking and status snapshot information, enabling you to track market progress.

Every 4 page update includes complete first-hand data sets obtained from operators and other primary sources. Our datasets can be used to populate your internal presentations and provide invaluable competitive intelligence.

Who Should Read This?

Intelligent Networks Newsletter is key reading for anyone with a stake in the future of next generation cellular, wireless broadband and converged IP core networks and technologies:

  • Mobile/Wireless Operators
  • Fixed operators
  • Handset, device and infrastructure vendors
  • Infrastructure, device, silicon & software providers
  • Service providers
  • End users
  • Industry & financial analysts, Venture Capitalists and regulators

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