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Wholesale Bandwidth Pricing Database Service

Wholesale Bandwidth Pricing Database Service

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Research from: TeleGeography, Inc.
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

From: GBP 4497.50
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TeleGeography’s Bandwidth Pricing Database Service is a database of wholesale private line prices on 260 routes worldwide. Updated monthly, the database includes more than 130,000 anonymous carrier price quotes from 1999 to the present.

- Benchmarking: ensure the best price possible, whether you’re buying or selling
- Negotiating: appeal to customers, suppliers or internal decision-makers with objective pricing data
- Forecasting: make projections with detailed historical data
- Valuation: estimate network asset values based on market prices for bandwidth

TeleGeography’s Bandwidth Pricing Database provides anonymous carrier price quotes (not list prices) for wholesale long-haul transport, exclusive of local access charges. Capacities range from E-1 to 10 Gbps on protected SDH/SONET circuits, Ethernet links, and unprotected wavelength services.

For a full list of routes, click here. Not all capacities are available for all routes, but TeleGeography analysts are available to inform customers beyond the scope of the database and offer context for the data therein.

Database Features

- Search by circuit type, city, route, region and time period
- All data can easily be exported into Excel for further analysis

Bandwidth Pricing Report
Customers also receive Bandwidth Price Watch, a snapshot of price trends on benchmark routes, every month.

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