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Mobile Services and Pricing Country Reports

Published: 16 issues per annum
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Research from: Pure Pricing
Sector: Mobile

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About Pure Pricing

Pure Pricing specialises in providing pricing analysis, insight and information on communication markets. Pure Pricing reports cover both the mobile and broadband markets, and are used by operators, regulators and consultancies.

Country Reports, Mobile Services and Pricing

Pure Pricing’s Country Reports, Mobile Services and Pricing give insight into the different mobile service portfolios and pricing regimes that exist across Europe. Each report focuses on a particular country, covering services and pricing across the broad spectrums of contract and pre-pay, business and consumer, and voice and data. The service offerings of all of the major network operators and MVNOs are included.

The Country Reports are an essential reference guide for strategy, business development and marketing managers operating within the industry, as well as consultants to, and observers of, the European mobile market. Users of these reports will be informed of the key developments in pricing and propositions, and will have a clear picture of the competitive pricing environment.

Clients use the reports to:

-Take proposition ideas from other countries;
-See how propositions and services are communicated to potential customers;
-Get informed about potential new markets;
-Get advance warning of pricing innovations that may spread to their own market;
-See what pan-European operators are offering within their existing footprint;
-See what revenue and margin opportunities exist in different markets;
-See how other operators target segments through their pricing.

About the Authors:

Anne-Marie Plumer and Joanne Lynch are the authors of this report and directors of Pure Pricing. They have been employed by, and acted as consultants to, mobile operators in the UK (O2, Orange, T-Mobile and BT) and overseas.

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