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UK Mobile Pricing Factbook


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Published: 16 issues per annum
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Research from: Pure Pricing
Sector: Mobile

Keep fully briefed of the key developments in pricing, promotions and propositions in the UK market with our monthly and quarterly updates.

12 Monthly Updates + 4 Quarterly Reports

Pure Pricing Factbooks provide an essential source of mobile pricing information, written by experienced mobile pricing professionals. They give clients a complete and transparent picture of the mobile pricing environment.

-Keep up to date with the UK mobile market.
-Know what your competitors are offering.
-Continuous information available quarterly, with monthly updates.

UK Mobile Pricing Factbook - Monthly Updates
An update of the key developments in pricing, promotions and propositions in the UK market at the start of each month.

Market dynamics can change rapidly with pricing and promotion actions. The Monthly Updates keep our clients fully briefed on the latest events.

Available within 3 working days of the month start as a 14 to 18 page Adobe PDF.

UK Mobile Pricing Factbook - Quarterly Reports
An essential reference guide, giving details of pricing and promotions for the network operators and MVNOs.

Strategic and tactical pricing decisions require complete information. The Factbook gives the full picture, including: 2G and 3G propositions; handset pricing; promotions and channel specific offers, in addition to the standard high street propositions.

Includes Operator Factsheets and Promotions Calendar.

Available within 3 weeks of each quarter end, as a 55 to 60 page Adobe PDF and hard copy report.

About Pure Pricing

Pure Pricing specialises in providing pricing analysis, insight and information on communication markets. Pure Pricing reports cover both the mobile and broadband markets, and are used by operators, regulators and consultancies.

About the Authors:

Anne-Marie Plumer and Joanne Lynch are the authors of this report and directors of Pure Pricing. They have been employed by, and acted as consultants to, mobile operators in the UK (O2, Orange, T-Mobile and BT) and overseas.


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