Market research logo; 24 years of Excellence in Market Research since 1988.
Market research logo; 24 years of Excellence in Market Research since 1988.
Your unique telecoms market research guarantee

Buying off-the-shelf market research off the Web can be a risky business. Is the report simply going to tell me what I already know, or will it genuinely help me win new business or enter a new market?

You need to make the very most of all the marketing opportunities out there - and we are confident that we have the right solutions for you.

And you need to be able to buy off-the-shelf market research with total confidence.

So this is our unique Guarantee.

If you buy a report, study, map, wallchart or research service from this Website which you are unhappy with - for whatever reason - we will credit you with 50% of the purchase price so that you can purchase a more appropriate report or document.

This is our unqiue Web no-quibble guarantee which is applies to all purchases up to 14-days from the date of purchase. No other Web research portal is prepared to guarantee its product offering - but we can do this in total confidence because we can uniquely draw on our 20-years of excellence in market research.

Order today with complete confidence!

However, as a provider of third party content CMSinfo can not take responsibility for either the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information of the data provided, and whilst CMSinfo strives to ensure the high level of quality expected by its' customers through a publisher monitoring process, we can't make any guarantees, or warranties, expressed or implied - other than that set out above - regarding the services and information provided by the said third parties and disclaim all warranties, either expressed or implied.

Keith Wallace
Managing Director, Chiltern Magazine Services Ltd.
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P.S. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights, or any guarantees that your credit card issuer may also provide.


In the interests of fair trading, Chiltern Magazine Services Ltd., operators of '', have stated the terms of the guarantee below.

1. Chiltern Magazine Services Ltd. undertakes to offer a guarantee on all purchases made through this Website valid for 14-days from the date of the order.

2. If the purchaser of a report, study, wallchart or research service is not happy with their purchase - for any reason - Chiltern Magazine Services Ltd will issue a credit note for 50 percent of the purchase value.

3. The credit note can be used at any time against a further purchase, and Chiltern Magazine Services Ltd will provide direct assistance in making a selection from one of its senior business information analysts.

4. Electronic services cannot be returned after purchase, due to their nature which enables copies to be made. Therefore this offer is made in good faith as a responsible trader.

20-years of excellence in market research

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