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EU Cookie Statement for Visitors

Why the sudden interest on Cookies? Haven't they always been around?

On 26 May 2012 the UK government passed a law that compelled UK Website owners to inform visitors to Websites what Cookies were being used for. This legislation affects virually every type of Website, as Cookies are used to ensure the site remembers what you did last time you visited, and ensures that anything you selected last time is available for the current visit, to save you time keying in data a second time.

Are Cookies used to track my surfing once I've left this Website?

No. All we know about you is your IP address - which is usually in the form of a string of numbers like this: Although generally you will have the same IP address every time you visit us, if you are a client of, say, BT Internet, who use a dynamic IP address system, your IP address will change every time you visit, so in cases like this, all we know is that you are a client of BT Internet.

The only way you can be tracked is through Google, and if you don't want to be tracked, or have targetted advertising directed at you as you browse, we strongly recommend you log-out of your Google account. Google is a third party and we have no control over how Google logs your activities, except to say this site does NOT use Google Analytics - one of the tools we believe the legislation was aimed at.

So what do you use cookies for?

From time-to-time we run Polls (where you can vote) on this site, and also offer free Research Briefings that you can download. To make both these systems work, we use cookies (like every other Website on the planet, but much less so than many). We also use them when you come to make a purchase from the Shopping Kart, so we know which page you will want to return to when you have finished shopping, and also to keep track of what you have put in your Shopping Kart. We also use them so we know which pages you have looked at during your visit, and we use Statcounter to do this. This is were you can help us to help you, as through this tracking we are able to make the more popular pages better, and in some cases, remove the pages that no one is interested in.

What is a cookie?

A short string of code which is placed in the cookie folder on your browser (there is a separate folder for each browser you have on your computer). There are two types of cookie - 'session cookies' which are used whilst you are on the site, and 'persistent cookies' which are used when you return to the site. You can delete them using the 'Tools' command on your browser.

I don't want Cookies on my computer - what should I do?

If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security, and in the 'Security Level for this Zone' area, push the slider to the top of the column so that the setting reads 'High'. To complete the process, go to Tools > Delete Browsing History, tick the 'Cookies' box, and hit the delete button at the bottom of the page. This will remove all cookies for the current Internet browser. You now need to repeat the process on each browser that you use.