Connected Car Automotive Biometrics Market valued at $969 million by 2023.

In three to five years the auto market will be using biometrics in appreciable volumes in-car is the prediction that forms the bedrock for a new report published this November by leading cyber security analysts at Goode Intelligence.

A hot topic in the Car industry major players are poised to launch biometric supported top-of-range vehicles from next year.

“As cars evolve into smartphones on wheels, the automotive industry is facing stiff competition from new entrants such as Tesla and the possibility that technology giants Apple and Google will again disrupt another market.”  Alan Goode, CEO & Chief Analyst, Goode Intelligence.  The smart car will become the ‘need to have’ as biometrics becomes the leading proof of identity Goode predicts.

Under the umbrella of biometrics the report identifies the following seven key applications and uses in the connected car: vehicle entry, engine start, personalisation, in-car payments, insurance, health and wellness and car to home automation.

So everything from drive-through and road toll payments through to monitoring of the driver’s wellbeing and suitability to drive are features being developed.

Biometrics for the Connected Car – Automotive Biometrics Market Analysis & Forecasts 2018-2023

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