Next Generation Implantable Payments to achieve $9 Billion by 2023

The latest findings published by Mind Commerce lays out the expected growth in the field of Mobile Payments in the near future in their Next Generation Mobile Payments: Smartphones, Wearables, and Implantable Technology 2018 – 2023.

Inching towards main-stream: next-generation contactless payments, converged mobile wallets and digital currencies are fast being adopted as a global, cashless society is realised.  Wearable payment solutions and chip implants are being developed that early adopters take up will boost the market to achieve $9B by 2023.

Mind Commerce say: ‘The global mobile payment segment has experienced exceptional growth in the last five years, establishing a $600B market by 2017.’ And they estimate a $3 Trillion mobile payment market by 2023.

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