Online Piracy in TV & Movie market to increase to $52 billion

Digital TV Research’s research in Online TV Piracy Forecasts is thorough in its coverage of the encroachment of piracy into the TV and movie market globally.

Overall trends include Asia Pacific overtaking North America in being the largest region for piracy in 2018, with losses doubling between 2016 and 2022 to nearly $20 billion.  The study covers 138 countries, and concentrates purely on revenue lost to TV and movies, not the sports or pay TV sector.  ‘The top five countries (USA, China, Brazil, United Kingdom and South Korea) represented 63% of the 2016 total, but this proportion will fall to 55% by 2022. Eight countries will record revenue losses of more than $1 billion in 2022 – double the 2016 count.’

“Piracy will never be eradicated. However, it is not all bad news. Piracy growth rates will decelerate as more effective government action is taken and as the benefits of legal choices become more apparent.”  Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research.

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More than 10 million smart home controllers to be bought by US Households in 2021

Purchasing trends for Smart Home technology indicate a growth in traditional store outlets teaming up with online leaders such as Google and Amazon to enhance the visibility of their products to the consumer.

Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home products can capture the interest of shoppers most effectively with POS displays, experience centres and expanded shelf-space.

“Smart home products flourish in face-to-face and consultative sales channels, where an expert can demonstrate use cases and present personalized value propositions to consumers,” said Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates. “Brick-and-mortar retailers have an advantage here, and they are leveraging their assets in a competition to be the trusted advisor on connected living. To lower barriers, many are offering these services at no cost.”

Parks Associates have established a reputation for specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services.New research includes reports on the Evolution of Smart Home Products and Services and a range of connected home systems and services reports and trackers.

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Connected Car Automotive Biometrics Market valued at $969 million by 2023.

In three to five years the auto market will be using biometrics in appreciable volumes in-car is the prediction that forms the bedrock for a new report published this November by leading cyber security analysts at Goode Intelligence.

A hot topic in the Car industry major players are poised to launch biometric supported top-of-range vehicles from next year.

“As cars evolve into smartphones on wheels, the automotive industry is facing stiff competition from new entrants such as Tesla and the possibility that technology giants Apple and Google will again disrupt another market.”  Alan Goode, CEO & Chief Analyst, Goode Intelligence.  The smart car will become the ‘need to have’ as biometrics becomes the leading proof of identity Goode predicts.

Under the umbrella of biometrics the report identifies the following seven key applications and uses in the connected car: vehicle entry, engine start, personalisation, in-car payments, insurance, health and wellness and car to home automation.

So everything from drive-through and road toll payments through to monitoring of the driver’s wellbeing and suitability to drive are features being developed.

Biometrics for the Connected Car – Automotive Biometrics Market Analysis & Forecasts 2018-2023

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E-Sports: A 3 Billion Euro market by 2021

Latest research from iDate indicates that the E-Sport market is yet to reach its full potential, By year end they estimate that ‘e-sports revenues will not exceed 850 million EUR. But ‘By 2021 they could exceed 3 billion EUR and this could rise to 10.5 billion EUR by 2030.’
iDate found ‘About 260 million people follow e-sports online, twice as many as in 2014.’ With the majority market being young males
iDate’s recent report: The E-Sport Economy studies this emerging market as an offshoot of the video game market, with analysis of the major players, the challenges facing e-sports and the advertising & sponsorship potential.

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Next Generation Implantable Payments to achieve $9 Billion by 2023

The latest findings published by Mind Commerce lays out the expected growth in the field of Mobile Payments in the near future in their Next Generation Mobile Payments: Smartphones, Wearables, and Implantable Technology 2018 – 2023.

Inching towards main-stream: next-generation contactless payments, converged mobile wallets and digital currencies are fast being adopted as a global, cashless society is realised.  Wearable payment solutions and chip implants are being developed that early adopters take up will boost the market to achieve $9B by 2023.

Mind Commerce say: ‘The global mobile payment segment has experienced exceptional growth in the last five years, establishing a $600B market by 2017.’ And they estimate a $3 Trillion mobile payment market by 2023.

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UK Public Sector Telecoms & IT boost from Brexit?

A new report from benchmark-it provides a background to developments in the UK Telecoms & IT market with conclusions made on the advantage to the industry of Brexit uncertainties.

Report author Rob Pritchard observes: “Business is fed up with Government paralysis on Brexit, but the state is recruiting thousands of civil servants and will have to invest significantly in new systems – presenting a substantial opportunity over the next few years.”

UK Enterprise Segment Communications Service Providers comprehensively profiles and compares 67 providers highlighting:

“The fact that the UK enterprise base has grown by almost 60% has provided substantial growth in the market – and this is set to continue as businesses transition the way they work through broadband, cloud services and an expanding range of applications. In addition to which, unified communications and security are also growing rapidly – but competition is fierce and not limited to network service providers.”

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Middle East growth in online transactions with entertainment fastest growing sector

New research from Payfort on seven Arab countries found a 22% increase in online transactions in 2016.

“In 2016 the entertainment industry for Egypt and KSA and UAE and Jordan and Kuwait and Qatar and Lebanon reached a combined size of $212.39m showing a 33.1% improvement over the previous year.” Payfort

UAE is the leader in the region.

Background reading:

Middle East & North Africa OTT TV and Video Forecasts, Digital TV Research

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Majaloop: Helping the unbanked with new Open-Source software

Majaloop: Helping the unbanked with new Open-Source software released by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – 16 October 2017

The Gates Foundation released software designed to create payment platforms to help individuals and companies in the developing world to access digital financial services, it reports:

“Current data from the World Bank shows that nearly two billion people in developing economies lack bank accounts and miss out on the benefits and security that basic financial services provide. Digital financial services, such as mobile money on cell phones, have rapidly expanded over the last two decades because they are convenient for users and cost-effective for companies aiming to serve new markets. In Kenya, an estimated 194,000 households have moved out of extreme poverty due in part to their access to M-Pesa, a mobile money platform, and users’ ability to save money more effectively.

Mojaloop (derived from the Swahili word meaning “one”), has been developed by fintech companies as a solution to operation barriers: “It joins other promising digital financial software, but is the first model that can help extend interoperability from mobile money providers to any bank, merchant or government institution in a customer’s economy in a way that specifically meets the needs of the poor.” (The Gates Foundation)

Suggested reading on Mobile Money:

Mobile Remittances to Africa: Mobile and Financial Services Converge

Mobile money in Sub-Saharan Africa: trends and forecasts 2017–2022

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Cryptocurrency market expected to reach USD 2,902 million by 2023

The cryptocurrency market was valued at USD 541.0 million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 2,902.0 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 32.31% between 2017 and 2023 according to a new report from MarketsandMarkets:  Cryptocurrency Market by Offering (Hardware: GPU, FPGA, ASIC, Storage & Wallet; and Software), Process (Mining and Transaction), Type, End User (Peer–to-Peer Payment, Remittance, E-Commerce, and Retail), and Geography – Global Forecast to 2023

“The Market for Ethereum is expected to grow at the highest rate between 2017 and 2023”  The advantages of Ethereum over Bitcoin, explored in this report, make it’s growth potential greater over this period.

“Cryptocurrency market in APAC is expected to grow at the highest rate between 2017 and 2023”

The markets of China and Japan are particularly highlighted for their role in the market:  “Because of the low cost of electricity, suitable climate (especially in Northern China), presence of big electronics manufacturing units, and availability of venture capital funding, the market in China is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period. Besides, Japan has the highest level of awareness and knowledge of cryptocurrency. The government regulations in Japan are also favorable for cryptocurrency transactions. All these factors would help drive the growth of the market in APAC at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.”

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Connected Driving Experiences and Robotics showcased at GITEX Technology

Etisalat launched future technology with it’s ‘Driving the Digital Future’ at the GITEX Technology Week  October 2017

“Etisalat aims to create an unforgettable presence at GITEX Technology Week by showcasing a remarkable array of innovations and concepts driven by its advanced infrastructure, smart apps, and solutions. Our theme this year ‘Driving the Digital Future’ signifies the company’s mission to create a highly connected future for the UAE. GITEX attendees this year are witnessing innovative ideas, concepts and solutions pioneered on through the company’s digital platforms, infrastructure, and communication. To Etisalat, creating a digital future means enabling a connected lifestyle for the people as well as providing a plethora of highly efficient systems for government and business entities alike,” highlighted Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali, Senior Vice President Corporate Communication, Etisalat Group.

From a humanoid robot ‘Sophia’ speaking to visitors to a robot conducting surgery over 5G, robotics is one of the major highlights at Etisalat stand. Robotics makes its presence in retail where a robot assists you to shop and complete your shopping experience. There is robot Einstein, a genius in maths and science and an educational robot chatting with kids on weather, famous people, etc. In healthcare, the 5G robotic surgery is a demo that highlights missing critical use case for use of human skills remotely by using the power of the network.

In Smart home, robots display their skills in cooking and ‘Buddy’ the companion robot that protects your home, entertains kids and helps stay connected with family and friends.

Augmented and virtual reality is making their presence felt in all aspects of life, at GITEX this year; Etisalat highlights the use of these technologies in retail, education and in large-scale industry. In retail, augmented reality technology helps in choosing your favorite design on your shoes, clothes, and merchandise. In education, augmented and virtual reality, collaboration and sharing highlight innovation in the classroom. IoT solutions also use augmented reality interfaces that can be used across industrial applications.

Another technology that has made its presence across the different verticals is artificial intelligence (AI). In technologies for the visually impaired, ‘Drishti’ developed by Accenture has smart glasses that recognizes objects and say what it sees through an audio to the person wearing the glass. AI also showcased in education where a digital library interacts with students to find the answers to their questions. Here the library recognizes the voice and responds back accordingly. In retail, the AI reception welcomes visitors, with a virtual assistant talking to you and a face recognition camera recognizing the visitor.


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