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What is the UK MNO Monitor?

We listen to the conversations people have on Twitter about their UK mobile phone network operator (MNO), looking for common themes and the sentiment.

For each mobile network operator, we compare this to a 'typical day' to create a service indicator and to highlight key categories of discussion. Please use this site as a guide for how well network and customer services are performing, but always check with your mobile operator for information on specific issues.


Our headline, live indicator based on customer feedback. This combines the volume of Twitter based feedback with the nature of the conversations to ascertain how well the operator is performing against 'typical levels'.
UK Mobile Network Monitor: High volume plus strong words
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Some discontent amongst users
Red Colour
Yellow Colour
High volume plus strong words: a good indicator that there are problems on the network or with other aspects of the operator's performance. We're picking up on some discontent amongst users, with volumes higher than normal. Not too serious yet, but keep an eye out.
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Normal day on the mobile network
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Degrees of discontent
Blue Colour
A normal day on the network with typical conversations taking place 5 stars - a normal day (matches blue)
4 stars - warning signs (matches yellow)
3 stars or below - not great out there today (matches red)
A few little tools to help explore what is being discussed about the network on Twitter.
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Tweets to and from users of the services
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Main catagories of conversation
Trending Words
Follow the tweets to and from users of the services here. Have a look at the main categories of conversation. These give
you a view as to what is causing customers' joy or pain. We analyse
the content of tweets to derive a list of topics relevant to the sector.
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Most common hashtags amongst mobile users
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Most mentioned locations
Trending Hashtags
Popular Locations
See which hashtags are most common amongst Tweets to this operator. This gives another view of issues delighting or disappointing customers. We analyse the Tweets to see which locations are mentioned most
often and whether they are becoming discussed more or less frequently. From here you can get an idea as to which parts of the country are generating the most conversation.
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Volume of Tweets compared to a typical day'
UK Mobile Network Monitor: Frequency of mentions of other operators
Volume of Tweets
Mentions of Other Operators
See how the volume of Tweets being received compares to a
'typical day'.
 When we analyse Tweets, we find the frequency of mentions of other operators to be a useful indication of the strength of feeling being expressed as customers compare their expectations of how the different operators perform.

Click here to access the UK MNO Monitor and click here for a map of poor UK coverage as reported to Mobile Network Operators on 07 December 2014.

Follow the link for the UK MNO poor coverage map Monday 8 December 2014.