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The Future for Mobile Networks Outlook 2015

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'The Future for Mobile Networks Outlook 2015'

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This report provides four dedicated reports, focusing on security, 5G, VoLTE and network assurance in what we believe to be four of the pillars for the future mobile network. More than 400 industry professionals responded to the questionnaire, so this report will put forward the view point of a significant representation of today's telecoms industry. 
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The mobile network will undoubtedly be at the very core of the society of the future. 5G is getting ever closer to reality, with SK Telecom already publicly stating they will be launching a 5G service in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Back in Europe, meanwhile, expectations of whatever 5G will actually be are still being mapped out by a growing number of standards and research bodies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is also taking hold of the telecoms industry, and a report ran by Intelligence earlier this year identified mobile networks as the primary enabler of a future society filled with connected and intelligent 'things'.

Table of Contents: 

Securing the mobile network - 4 
The road to 5G - 7 
Implementing VoLTE - 11 
The future of network assurance 14 

Figures & Charts 

Chart 1: Security priority in the LTE network - 5 
Chart 2: Biggest challenges with currently deployed GI firewalls - 6 
Chart 3: Most important technological features for developing 5G - 8 
Chart 4: Commercial models that will receive the greatest boost on the road to 5G - 9 
Chart 5: Reasons for launching VoLTE - 12 
Chart 6: Main perceived benefits of VoLTE - 13 
Chart 7: Biggest driver for future network assurance - 15 
Chart 8: Future of NFV - 16