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Security of ICT - the work of ETSI Sixth Edition - January 2014

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'Security of ICT - the work of ETSI Sixth Edition - January 2014'

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ETSI, the leading ICT standards organization, has released its white paper on ICT security related standards, which describes the security-related work undertaken in each of ETSI's technology fields, including mobile/wireless communications, network infrastructure, electronic signatures, smart cards and emergency telecommunications.

The rapid growth in the complexity of new systems, together with the sophistication of changing threats and the presence of intrinsic vulnerabilities, increases the challenge of maintaining the security of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems and networks. 

Over the years, ETSI has developed a unique expertise in standardizing secure communication technologies, building in encryption techniques and fraud prevention mechanisms. The standardization of security features now covers the whole spectrum of ICT. Standards are essential to ensure interoperability among systems and networks, demonstrate compliance with regulation and offer adequate levels of security in current and new areas such as cybersecurity, cloud or machine to machine communications.

"Security is not an additional feature that can be patched on after the adoption of a technology, it must be taken into account from the beginning of the standardization process." says Charles Brookson, chairman of ETSI's Operational Coordination Group on Security. "Indeed, in many cases it can be a winning driver that enables the overall success of the technology, and with increasing demands of privacy and integrity of data, security is legally essential for businesses which generate and handle user or customer data."

Download ETSI's Security White paper here. It provides a high-level overview of ETSI's security standardization, including past and current work, as well as a detailed listing of all ETSI specifications related to security. Besides security, ETSI addresses societal challenges through ICT standardization in a number of domains such as accessibility and inclusive access to technology, energy efficiency of ICT equipment, road safety through intelligent transport systems, emergency communication systems and eHealth.