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Multiscreen Video: The New Imperative

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'Multiscreen Video: The New Imperative'

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Today, a large percentage of consumers conduct a variety of activities on multiple devices while watching linear and on-demand TV programs. As a result, consumer attention and eyeballs are being diverted away from traditional TV advertising, the industry's primary revenue model. Consumer demand for multiscreen media experiences has forever changed the game. As Internet-connectivity standardizes across multiple CE devices, consumers continue to access video content outside of traditional channels. 

In 2011, the media industry coined a new term, second-screen, to describe the various activities consumers conduct on smartphones or tablets while watching TV programs on a TV set. 

These so-called second-screen activities include sending or receiving emails, viewing online videos, interacting with social networks, or searching the mobile web while at the same time watching TV. While most second-screen experiences were not initially linked to a TV program or channel, a new breed of services emerged enabling breed of services emerged, enabling the synchronization of TV content with a smartphone and tablet app using automatic content recognition (ACR) technology.

While second-screen has been a favorite industry term to describe co-viewing behaviors, the term is presently in question among industry thought leaders. The issue centers on how one defines a smartphone or tablet-is it a first-screenor second-screendevice?

Table of Contents: 

Executive Summary 

What is a Multiscreen Video Experience? 

1 Trends Driving the Need for a Multiscreen Video Strategy 

Trend 1: Smartphone & Tablet Ownership 

Trend 2: Migration to OTT Services 

Trend 3: Consumer Demand for Multiscreen 

2 Best Practices in Developing a Multiscreen Video Experience 

Strategy 1: Unify and Extend Multiscreen VideoStrategy 

2: Personalize Video with Social IntegrationStrategy 

3: Leverage Analytics for Customization