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Top 10 Consumer IoT Trends in 2017

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the reinvention of consumer technologies. Connected products are taking on new form factors and providing new use cases, content providers are leveraging greater bandwidth to enable new content experiences, and data analytics offer solution providers a new source of customer insights to help them refine the user experience as well as develop next-generation products.

Improved product experiences are paving the way for increased product adoption.

According to Parks Associates' latest research, in 2016 US broadband households own an average of 8.1 connected computing, entertainment, or mobile devices, plus another 2.1 connected home devices.

More than one-third of consumers own a connected health device, and over 63 million broadband households subscribe to an OTT video service.

The IoT industries have overcome several hurdles to reach this point.

For one, the setup and out-of-the-box experience has simplified for individual devices. For example, only 4% of connected healthcare device owners reported problems when setting up their devices.

For smart home devices, as adoption has increased, the number of owners reporting technical problems with their devices, from setup to ongoing operation, has declined, indicating the user experience with these products is improving.

In early 2016, 57% of US broadband households that own a smart home device reported having no setup problems, while 52% reported no problems in 2015.

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