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Table of Contents

Understanding the Role of Managed Public Wi-Fi in Today’s Smartphone User Experience
A global analysis of smartphone usage trends across cellular and private and public Wi-Fi networks
Produced in association with Mobidia

Table of Contents:

The Context.....2
Analyzing existing sources of data on public Wi-Fi usage....2
Cutting to the chase.....4
Smartphone-originated traffic trends on managed public Wi-Fi.....8
Conclusions and future implications.....11

Tables & Charts

Figure 1: Focus of investments into public Wi-Fi to improve the user experience....2
Figure 2: Wi-Fi Connections to AT&T's hotspot footprint on a per-customet basis....3
Figure 3: Data traffic on China Mobile's cellular and Wi-Fi networks, 1H10-1H12....3
Figure 4: Cellular and Wi-Fi traffic and revenue patterns at China Mobile, 1H10-1H12....4
Figure 5: China Mobile, rebased change in revenue per MB by connectivity type, 1H10 = 100%....4
Figure 6: The gap in monetization between cellular- and Wi-Fi-delivered traffic on China Mobile's networks, 1H10 - 1H12.....5
Figure 7: Definitions of Wi-Fi hotspot categories....5
Figure 8: Penetration of Wi-Fi user adoption on Android smartphones, by country, Jan 2013....6
Figure 9: Mapping managed public and self-provisioned/private Wi-Fi user adoption on Android smartphones, by country, Jan 2013....7
Figure 10: Ratio of Android smartphone user adoption of self-provisioned/private Wi-Fi versus managed public Wi-Fi, by country, Jan 13.....8
Figure 11: Distribution of Android smartphone-originated traffic across cellular and Wi-Fi networks, by hotspot type, selected countries, Jan 13.....9
Figure 12: Managed public Wi-Fi traffic as a percentage of Android smartphone-originated total traffic and of Android smartphone-originated Wi-Fi traffic, by country, Jan 13......9
Figure 13: Distribution of total Android smartphone traffic by connectivity and hotspot type, selected countries, Jan 13.....10

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