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Ovum and Informa Telecoms & Media Research to merge
Posted on 7/April/2014

Technology consultancy Ovum and Informa Telecoms and Media (ITM) Research, both divisions of Informa plc, are to combine under the Ovum brand, to create the world's largest telecoms industry research firm. The new company, which will also be the fourth-largest ...Read more >>>

Managing the mobile work-life balance: whitepaper looks at the revenue opportunities
Posted on 27/Feb/2014

Would you be prepared to pay more for a smartphone that had multiple persona: one for social use and one for work? This is one of the questions examined in a recently authored white paper, which looks at the current trends in the Value-Added Services (VAS)...Read more >>>

4G LTE downloadable whitepapers and briefings updated
Posted on 24/Jan/2014

4G LTE promises the consumer download speeds equal to or greater than anything they might have previously experienced using fixed line technologies. To help you get up to speed on LTE, has updated its library of LTE whitepaper briefings which are available for you to download. The whitepaper on Next Generation Roaming looks at....Read more >>>

4G LTE strategy: EE leverages first-mover advantage and shows how LTE can improve KPIs
Posted on 21/Nov/2013

UK-mobile operator EE (Everything Everwhere), along with other 4G leaders such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T and SKT, is defining and shaping what it means to be a successful 4G operator, and, like those other operators, provides a benchmark for other 4G operators, especially those yet to launch, to judge their strategy by. A new study notes that.... Read more >>>

Etisalat the new Zain in Africa?
Posted on 07/Nov/2013

On Tuesday 5 November 2013 Morocco Telecom confirmed the signing of the final agreement for the sale by Vivendi of its 53 percent stake in Morocco Telecom to Etisalat. Morocco Telecom said in a statement that it and its subsidiaries would now 'take all steps incumbent on them'. Etisalat had previously announced that its exclusive talks for ....Read more >>>

Chromecast sees consumers vote for their preferred screen
Posted on 07/Oct/2013

Licensing - and policing of that licensing - in the digital world is likely to see a number of sacred cows not so much sacrificed as just put to pasture. It seems odd in a way that one such battle is taking place in Swaziland, where the state-owned telephone operator is valiantly attempting to launch a modern mobile network, which its rival....Read more >>>

Apps will collect pennies a day from 8.5 billion smart phones by 2019
Posted on 01/Oct/2013

Global LTE Wireless Infrastructure markets are now readying for significant growth as the Build out of core networks and backhaul to cater for smart phones that are rapidly entering the market and require supporting infrastructure. LTE has brought a reassessment of operator choices of Packet Core vendor. The LTE mobile infrastructure market is expected to see....Read more >>>

Smart watches will be top consumer M2M device by 2017
Posted on 27/Sep/2013

Of an evening when I close the door of my car ready to go home, there is a subdued - and rather reassuring - beep from somewhere slightly west of the steering wheel. This is my long-serving Nokia being welcomed by the car's Bluetooth: one machine has spoken to another machine and are now - hopefully - ready to do their master's bidding. Machine to machine (M2M) refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to....Read more >>>

Argentine mobile data tipped to be biggest revenue generator in 2016
Posted on 27/Sep/2013

Mobile data services accounted for 42.8 percent of the total service revenue generated by operators in 2012, up from 38.3 percent a year earlier. The report also shows that Telecom Personal, which has been very active in encouraging smartphone adoption, is currently the operator with the highest data revenue ratio in....Read more >>>

New mobile market chart highlights EMEA opportunities
Posted on 26/Sep/2013

Blycroft have now updated their EMEA Mobile Market Opportunities Wall Chart, which maps mobile penetration graphically from South Africa through to Scandinavia. In the process of fulfilling their order, I was able to....Read more >>>

Latin America to account for 10.7% of global TV advertising revenue in 2018
Posted on 19/Sep/2013

What would happen if political parties had their funding cut? I only ask this as a new study from Informa Telecoms & Media highlights the impact of the US Presidential elections in 2012 on global TV advertising spends...Read more >>>

BSS to account for 57.5% of the total OSS/BSS market by 2017
Posted on 29/Aug/2013

Mobile users today consume data and take advantage of mobility, broadband and cloud services as never before. The mobile subscriber increasingly has higher expectations as to what the operator can provide, as well as anticipating their future needs. Consumers also...Read more >>>

Big telco is missing a trick with Big Data says analyst firm
Posted on 29/Aug/2013

My grandmother used to say "They don't keep good stuff in big heaps". This is true for things such as fine china porcelain or old masters. But raw materials can both be in large heaps and have relative high value. A modern 'big heap' is data. Sitting as a very...Read more >>>

UK text massacre: when mobile operators kill your texts
Posted on 14/Aug/2013

Have you taken your annual vacation for this year yet? And if so, did you leave your mobile phone at home? Research into the subject suggests that mobile operators do not hold undelivered texts indefinitely. The question then is how long is that period and whether it varies between operator. TelecomsMarketResearch has already ... Read more >>>

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